The Infinity System


What is with the human race’s obsession with purposely stressing ourselves out?!  We all live in these silly little worlds where these human created systems jerk values of things up and down, resulting in more work and more number fluctuation.  Systems like businesses, inflation, education scoring, housing rates.  I understand that the value of money has to change because it’s connected to this massive industrial web of chain reactions.  It’s just that these these systems seems incredibly unnatural.  Then again, I suppose if you think about nature’s systems, survival of the fittest, natural selection… perhaps it does bare more naturalistic similarities than I had first thought.  The whole shifting number pattern thing is just a bit different.

Where did this weird human developed system come from?  Who created it?  I guess at some stage someone must have said:

“Well, I have some beans, let’s sell them! Increasing the price by 10% during the winter to make up for the lack of stock. Oooh Yes!”

During our currency’s early days did it shift value?  Was it affected by the money thieving bast….ille that is inflation?  The most frequent cause of inflation in today’s time is oil and gasoline because of their implementation, their use, in just about bloody everything.  What was the first ‘oil’ and ‘gasoline’ when money was first invented that shifted everything around enough that they decided they were going to make money change in worth.  In the beginning, which resource was the major player in modifying our money system? Was it wood? Coal?

“Right, we’re going to change the value of money to make allowance for the fact that there’s a shortage of lumberjacks.”

Enough about the system, the important thing is it’s effecting the quality of all of our lives. Most people probably have it in their minds that when they’re finally able to catch up with their workload they’ll be able to have some time to themselves.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work out this way, it’s a never ending workload that will never end until we die.  We have to break free for a bit, do things we like doing, be creative.  Finally get to clear your mind from all of this staleness.  I got home this afternoon and just had so much on my to-do list, things that schools and the education system like to throw down on us. *Yeah, try and guess that, it’s a hard one. Begins with ‘home’, ends with ‘work’* It seems that there’s just so little time to prepare anything at this moment in my life.  In media production my group is trying to leap ahead and get filming before we’ve finalized our costumes and scripts.  Planning for the assembly every fortnight seems to be non-existent.  Because the time schedule, just like the ‘NeWs!’ series I produced last year, makes it hard to frequently make creative content and keep everyone interested.  You’ve just finished one assembly and you’re already having to plan and think stuff up for the next the moment it’s over.  Then you sprinkle in homework from all of the subjects, add a online series called Vlog my Blog that is shown every week, screenplays to write for upcoming film competitions, DVD’s to finalize for last years school leavers, video to produce for the school’s triathlon, procrastination to take place and scripts to learn for live performances at the school’s open day…  It’s quite frankly all out bananas.

How crazy is your life at the moment? Lots going on, hardly any time to relax and take a break?  Yeah, watching YouTube and TV is nice, but only really when you have NOTHING AT ALL to do.  Because if you’re procrastinating when the TV show or video stops you’ll feel like rubbish, and click on another video or watch another TV show to take your mind off how rubbish you feel about procrastinating, therefore your system of procrastination repeats itself.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re stuck in a system.  A crazy restless system.
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    Haha, I am caught in a cycle of work, Publicity commitments, homework from EVERY subject, methods assignments, and school.
    Your workload seems rather… exhausting. Ever thought about just dropping everything and just leaving for a few months? 😛

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