The Hunchbacks… Of 2012.

Welcome back people! Looks like you are actually reading this, good good, keep it up…

Ok to be honest, this site has had barely ANY activity in the last month. This is partly to do with VmB being ended, but I guess the main of the reason is that we have either been lazy, procrastinating or simply too busy to even look at the site. So, I have decided to write this  post to hopefully bring the site back to life again.

Enough of the inspirational speech! Onward!

Right, the post… I am really not helping my case here… no ideas, no inspiration, just tapping the keyboa- That’s it!

I was in the Salamanca Markets a while ago, and came across a t-shirt that had the words ‘Stop following me’ written on the front of it. I had seen this kind of t-shirt before, but the picture showed the evolution from chimpanzees to humans, then back down to a person hunched over a computer.

We are all turning into hunch-backed monkeys with square eyes and fingers evolved for the computer keyboard. The human population is rapidly being overrun by technology. Every household in Developed countries are almost guaranteed to have a computer and/or TV somewhere inside them. And a vast percentage of those also have tablets…

Are we being brainwashed? Will all kids be bought up in a world of high-tech devices and a way of life that comprises of gadgets or even robots doing the every day jobs around the house?

It is a daunting thing. People of the 1950’s and 60’s often express their concern that we young ones spend too much time indoors and are Vitamin D deficient… Well, I guess I can be accused of that. Though remember, you do get us to use technology in schools brainiacs…

“Daniel, get of that flipping computer!”
‘But Dad, I need to finish this.”
“I don’t care. Off the computer now.”

“No buts! I am sick of you using technology all the time!”

“But it is school work…”

See something familiar?

We are being brought up in a world of technological advancement. It is rapidly overtaking the world, and we are the ones in control of it. “We are the future.” Pffft.

I personally get bagged out every day for using technology for most of my homework and leisure time. It is a bit befuddling, as we are encouraged to use technology by businesses wanting us to buy their products and especially in school. Though it seems to be that a vast majority of adults do not agree with this new culture.

When the internet was created, no one was aware of just how it would affect the world within the next 2 decades. Sure, it has become a revolution, creating a brilliant way of communicating with people around the world with emails and instant messaging. Although it is also bad. Paedophiles, bullying etc. It has become a major tool for these people and it is starting to become out of control. I won’t even start to tell you about Facebook, because we are all aware of what it has bought about…

So, we should really be focusing on the major factors that would decide the lifestyles of future generations. If we adapted technology to help people more and make us happy to be such an “intelligent” species, we could perhaps prevent ourselves from becoming hunch-backed monkeys permanently.

Just something to think about. After all, we are the generation that holds the fate of the world!!

Until my next semi-inspirational rant,


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