Keeping the Pace

Hello there!

This will only be a short post I’m afraid folks… more on that in a moment though.

Just got off from two weeks of school holiday, the time when I should have been catching up on sleeping, getting everything done so that I can come back to school and get given a whole bunch more tasks to fill the tally back up.

Ah, nope.  Not happening.  Somehow I’ve returned to school, with a lot on already as it is.  Do I do this to myself? Do I honestly have to instinctively make life more complicated than it should be? – Enough of the questions into empty internetific space…  the answer is yes, yes I do.

I’ve done it before, during the holidays with all the free time for creative brilliance, I get the so called ‘clever’ idea to start doing multiple projects of my own.  Videos, graphics, software, stories.  I start doing all of these things, like I’m running a hobby marathon, then school resumes… and I’m still trying to do all these different things, as well as school work…  It doesn’t work,  with my level of perfectionism and OCD school projects already take enough time to complete as it is.  In fact I actually did one of my school assignments over the holiday.  I was meant to word process my book review notes.  Instead I wrote it out in a full review form with colour coded notes and simplified questions.

Ben you crazy fool.  Why the heck would you write up 15 pages, 7000 words… a combined total of over 41,000 characters?  When really you only needed to write about 1 and a half pages.

I’m not answering that, I’m too scared that I’d offend myself.  I’m going to be living with myself for a really long time, so, it’d be a torturous experience.

Agh, tired, feeling…

See you later folks, will write an update blog some time this week to tell you what’s going on.





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