Me is Brainz Dead

Fully accurate scientific X-Ray of Ben’s Brain.


Translation: Hey guys! Won’t be a very long post.

I was a bit reluctant to start writing this post, as I think my brain is actually on the verge of a full meltdown.  Despite the fact I seem to be stringing words together pretty flawlessly… for now… anyhow, last Friday I noticed that my focus seemed to have degraded.  While sitting in maths looking at the trigonometry work we’d been doing for weeks, I was blank.  My brain pulled up a white flag and said:

“Maaan, I don’t want to do this any more, you’re on your own.”

Then he buggered off, leaving my body sitting there staring down mindlessly onto the maths problems.  I feel cloudy in the head – which isn’t something you necessarily want.  Especially since exams are quickly approaching, it all seems like a crude joke to suddenly lose all focus and concentration at this time…  Perhaps my subconscious has a grudge.

But after attempting to analyse possible causes of this cloudiness. Which included blaming my friends for their chemically contaminated confectionery. Which they’d obviously given me throughout the week not as a sign of good will – but more a move of evil saboteur-like tomfoolery.

As it happens, it isn’t the lollies. (Dammit)

It is possibly a combination of these things:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Dehydration
  • Hiding dead bodies
Sleep deprivation is definitely up there on the list, haven’t had some decent sleep in a while now. – Then there is the fact that dehydration is possibly sleep deprivation’s partner in crime.  I tend not to drink fluids while at school because you end up having to use the toilets, which isn’t at all a pleasant experience – apparently people like to fingerprint with excrement.  (Surely all you’d have to do to find the ones responsible for the mess would be to go round sniffing people’s hands… I mean have you ever gotten excrement on your hands? The stench NEVER GOES AWAY.)
The problem with that is, that being as little as 2% dehydrated results in lack on concentration – so lets say I’m 50% dehydrated, while suffering from sleep deprivation at the same time… A lovely combo there.
Well I’m off to bed…
How ironic that I wrote this before going to bed, deary me.
Fare well… until tomorrow’s rage (I’ll explain later)