Quick Update

Scribbles3Icon-400400Just thought I’d write a quick post to let you know that now, after finally figuring out what was wrong with ‘Scribble’s Notepad’ after it for some reason refused to open…  I am at last continuing with its development.  I’m not sure if I shall call this version 2.6 or ‘Scribble’s Notepad 3’ yet – I reckon that because I’ve added SO MUCH into this version compared to the last that I’ll probably whack a big 3 next to it.  I’m pretty excited about it, it’s turning out really nicely – and I’ve learnt how to make it really… really cool.

Yes, I am most definitely getting too hyped up over a Notepad application.  But AGH! I’m conceitedly gleaming.  I just can’t believe some of my crazy ideas that went into the coding of this program actually worked…

Quite irritatingly – I actually want to keep most of the details secret – the problem is the other half of me is saying, “TELL THEM EVERYTHING!!! DO IT!”

So I’ll meet myself half way and tell you some of the stuff that’s going on…


1. Brand new customisable style system.  The last post that I wrote about Scribble’s I mentioned this – thing is, I’ve completely re-written that style system since then.  I’m onto something far nicer.

The new style system, or themes, allows you to create your own themes – but also – I can now host new themes that I create on my website for download within Scribble’s.  This doesn’t really sound that spectacular – but it took a lot of time and thought to get it working.  Downloading and extracting theme ZIP files from the Style Browser.

2. Now because I figured out how to download and install themes… I can apply this same process to the updater.  Scribble’s can now be updated hassle-free straight from… within Scribble’s.  Again, anyone that’s used mainstream software – this kind of thing is a standard no-brainer.  Something that’s not really to ground breaking.

3. Character count, word count and Hotkeys.  These are all things that practically every word processor has – even though Scribbles… is a Notepad.  I thought it obvious to include these things in.  Hotkeys were surprisingly easy to implement… quite annoyed that I didn’t add them sooner.  But the character count and word count are definitely one of those *must haves.*

I know, I know… still not sounding that ‘HOLY WOW MAN’

I’m just overly excited about my mild achievements in programming right now… so give me a break.


I shall keep you up to date with the changes – but this update is going to be good. =)





The Case of the Missing $20

Holy cow, am actually on the internet after waiting for several months… (I’ll explain later)

Now usually on this blog I leave out as much as I can about my school life, it’s the same for social networks – I’ve never said what year of education I’m currently ‘enduring.’  I feel though that for this post to have any meaning I need to break my rules.  To a degree.

This is my first year of College, and I have to say, I’m pretty lost in the amount of freedom that’s available compared to that of High School.  What I do know is this free time will allow me to write things up, like blog posts, scripts for my YouTube videos – and when I get a decent laptop to use… *sigh* … perhaps even some of my graphic work and video editing.  The positive thing about doing this at College is that it feels like an atmosphere that is far more encouraging of productivity than I have found my room at home to be.  Perhaps it’s my own mental stigma that I’ve associated ‘home’ with ‘relax.’  Though just reading back a bit on what I’ve written now, it appears that even though getting myself to work at home is a much harder task… the quality of the work is greater. Let me know if you think that’s a load of old beef, and that I’m just using odd metaphors to try to stick up for my own placebo.


I know, it’s been 246 words so far and not a single mention of this mysterious currency disappearance.  Considering the title I really just reeled you, the reader, in, and then left you hanging on the line.  So with all this free time, today I have a three-hour break mixed in with my other lessons, I decided that I would go by some more stationary, go grab a burger that is greedily taken advantage of by my teenage metabolism – and then go to the library where I would borrow a computer, write-up a blog post and then plan up an Uploadthedownload video to film and edit this afternoon.  My plans didn’t go… according to plan.

Went to get some more pens, it was going to cost me $11 for 3 packs of my favourite variety, (the kind I use every night to write in my journal) – In my mind, at that stage, my wallet had about $25 plus gold coins in it.  I took a look around further, considering buying a folder to keep all my maths books and equipment in… thankfully I saved myself… by deciding to put it down.
Went to the checkout, handed the items over to the lady… opened the wallet and blam, nothing but a measly $5 note, and $2 in coins… well, I guess I could have handed them my student card and said, ‘Is this acceptable currency?’

I asked if I could leave one of the packets of pens behind, and just purchased the others for $6.95 – but now I definitely didn’t have enough for that burger. Yeah, yeah – could have just forgotten about the pens and bought the burger.  But where’s the fun in that?  Now I get to test my strength and survive the rest of the day with only the small amount of food packed with the anticipation of a major meal later in the day.

I did have a $20 note, I remember fondling it as I came up with my ‘brilliant idea’ – and I most definitely didn’t spend it on anything else. Hmmm, could there be a robbery case going on?  I have heard that some Year 11s who tried to claim a locker had their little padlocks cut off with boltcutters by people who felt they owned the locker more.
Most likely the $20 note is actually in my jacket that I wore the other day – meaning it probably never made it into my wallet in the first place.  Great going Ben!

Hasn’t his been an exciting post! HAH! Deceived!  Worst mystery story ever!

Oh yes of course! The POTATO!  Where does that come into the story?  Did I find a potato in the ground and decide to eat it raw to suffice my now tingling hunger?  Nope.

This laptop that I borrowed from the Library… unbelievable… it is the slooooooowwweesst …. agh. *Head hurts*
Quite literally one hour of my 3 hours was spent waiting for this thing to actually log in – and when I opened up the web browser the whole thing froze on me… requiring… *sarc* A VERY FAST AND HASTY REBOOT! *sarc*
I have to say, I would have been better off plugging a monitor and peripherals into a potato to get this post written – probably would have been finished in half the time…

Well until the next time, when you are gifted with a boring College-based post.

See You Later,


Sunsets and Closure

Sunsets and Closure

‘Sunsets and Closure’ – a photo of mine that I’ve released under Creative Commons on Flickr… so far it’s my first photo on there… but I hope to release more.  If you would like to download it as a wallpaper, it’s here too.

Greetings once again… I’d like to complain about my own lack of commitment when it comes to writing posts… but I fear that that would require – well, commitment.  Plus I’ve found that looking at everything you haven’t done but had planned on doing during your holidays potentially depressing.  Thankfully, being an Earth-dweller, I’m able to experience that magical conclusion of day that is, the afternoon. It’s at this time of day that everything meets it’s closure – mentally at rest, as the sunlight possesses all that it touches with it’s golden streams of warmth.  All worries about lost time, tasks incomplete… the clockwork of human life simply put on pause – as you observe something far more important.  It’s although the sky and the sun are sharing their colossal amount of wisdom with you for only a few moments before the sun vanishes beyond the horizon.

This all seems very naturalistic – some may think to themselves “bloody tree hugger”

But if a thought even enters your mind in that stance you’re not seeing it.  Because thoughts are human – opinionated, ignorant, categorized.  We label, blame and make up stories about leaders and control.  We assume and argue about wrongs – wrongs that have been formed and identified by ourselves.  If anything, the word ‘Human’ in the dictionary should stand for ‘complicated beings, who make up complicated things.’  Stand and bask in the afternoon’s closure.  There are no dark thoughts in the wisdom of the sky.  Even if the sky is engulfed by the moodiest storm clouds, the sun still shines brightly behind them. In the end… we fear each other.  Because the actions of a stranger can be unpredictable.

The life that Humans have created is one structured upon poisoned thoughts.