Sunsets and Closure

Sunsets and Closure

‘Sunsets and Closure’ – a photo of mine that I’ve released under Creative Commons on Flickr… so far it’s my first photo on there… but I hope to release more.  If you would like to download it as a wallpaper, it’s here too.

Greetings once again… I’d like to complain about my own lack of commitment when it comes to writing posts… but I fear that that would require – well, commitment.  Plus I’ve found that looking at everything you haven’t done but had planned on doing during your holidays potentially depressing.  Thankfully, being an Earth-dweller, I’m able to experience that magical conclusion of day that is, the afternoon. It’s at this time of day that everything meets it’s closure – mentally at rest, as the sunlight possesses all that it touches with it’s golden streams of warmth.  All worries about lost time, tasks incomplete… the clockwork of human life simply put on pause – as you observe something far more important.  It’s although the sky and the sun are sharing their colossal amount of wisdom with you for only a few moments before the sun vanishes beyond the horizon.

This all seems very naturalistic – some may think to themselves “bloody tree hugger”

But if a thought even enters your mind in that stance you’re not seeing it.  Because thoughts are human – opinionated, ignorant, categorized.  We label, blame and make up stories about leaders and control.  We assume and argue about wrongs – wrongs that have been formed and identified by ourselves.  If anything, the word ‘Human’ in the dictionary should stand for ‘complicated beings, who make up complicated things.’  Stand and bask in the afternoon’s closure.  There are no dark thoughts in the wisdom of the sky.  Even if the sky is engulfed by the moodiest storm clouds, the sun still shines brightly behind them. In the end… we fear each other.  Because the actions of a stranger can be unpredictable.

The life that Humans have created is one structured upon poisoned thoughts.

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