The Internet.

Hey guys! Welcome welcome, please hang up your hat and take a seat. New post! Mind-blown right?

There has been no activity on this website for a few months now. Not anyone’s fault, but it can be safely assumed that everyone is busy with something. School, Minecraft servers, or procrastination… Personally I have been flooded with school work and assignments, presenting no time up until now for a post. So here it is, take it and do what you want with it in the virtual space of your device, whatever that may be.

For those who do not know, the internet turns 25 years old today. 25 years of development, illegal downloads, conspiracies and of course, the invention of Facebook (just to name a few). Not to mention the gaming community that has thrived from having internet access to obtain things to amuse them. The internet is now a core part of our society, allowing people all across the Earth to communicate with each other and present themselves in whatever way they see fit, to anyone who will look and listen.

Now I could do a massive essay or something on the history of computers and how the internet has created a massive push in technological advancement, but I can’t be bothered. I already will have to do enough essays this year in Philosophy, so can you really blame me?

Let put this in a short version. Without the internet, society as it is today would still be relying on letters and the postal system to talk to another person without the need for long distance, expensive phone calls. Mobile phones may well be different, with no need for internet browsing smart phones would not have the applications or games that you see everyone using, as they require the internet to download from. Unless you physically installed them from a disk onto your computer and from there onto your phone, but that would be pretty pointless. Computers would also be different, as we are now moving into cloud technology where everything is stored online. Gaming consoles that rely on constant internet connections for updates would not exist, we’d have to buy a new console if we wanted every update!

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
– Bill Gates

As you can see, we’d be a lot different without the internet. More social too, not hunchbacked dum-dums that sit at a computer desk all day. I could keep going about how different the world could be without it. Just look at the world 50 years ago that didn’t have the internet, and apply it to today. Big difference.

Nice thought-provoking post for you. Don’t go taking technology for granted now xD

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