Ben Screen of Death

Ben Screen of Death

I could be dead. Or at least that’s what some of my YouTube subscribers have suggested in my absence. A video showing how busy I am would merely be procrastination… this post for example is bordering on that very line of motivation…

But no, I’m not dead as of yet, though I don’t deny that I am most certainly heading in the general direction of death. It’s the kind of thing you sorta can’t avoid once you come across it on life’s road.

The real reason for my disappearance from the internet has been a particularly disliked, but required, ToDo list. On it are many tasks with a varied array of interest.  Unfortunately, interest doesn’t always overcome the necessity of a due date… otherwise this ToDo list would be a little more fun.  I’d love to be doing the ‘Design Graphics for Client‘ or ‘Play the Walking Dead by Telltale‘ tasks, but unfortunately all the tasks that are due earliest are the ones involving large word counts and overly-overdone (because just overdone isn’t enough) topics.

For some reason the people in charge of English education in our country have the idea that ‘belonging‘ is a topic worthy of an annum of revision. Something to refresh the mind every now and then would be lovely, but instead, we’re being fed the poorly ‘intended-to-be-subliminal-message’ that our generation needs to get more in touch with who we are on a consistently regular basis.

I could elaborate more on this… but I’m running out of brain at the moment, so I’d better get going. It’s going to take a while for me to process this list.

Yours Truly,

Ben (Not Dead)

(P.S. I mentioned that I’m ‘Not Dead’ – however, given the longevity of the internet, it’s highly possible that I could in fact be dead by the time you read this. Any time after the year 2076 is a safe bet. In which case, forget my previous remark of not being dead. I’m clearly a liar.)

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