The Eye

Ok. So i got really bored and decided to make this really cool ‘Eye’ picture using Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3.

This is the photo that i started off with: (As you can see it is a really crappy, low quality picture)

Starter Picture










And after a lot of time and effort (not realy… it only took about two hours…ok that sounds like a long time but i did it all by hand (with the tablet) so really its not) this is what i came up with:

The Eye











I was gonna put how i did it and everything but i can’t be bothered right now. I may do so at a later date though.

Merci et béni soit,


your alt text

The dream of you that killed me

My eyes are bloodshot.

My vision is obscured by the

Tears that roll down my cheeks

And into this pool of sorrow.


My head screams at me.

Voices of hate and envy

Infultrate my mind.

I’m going crazy.


My longing heart is failing me,

These scars have been dug way too deep.

My love for you is killing me,

The tears I cry are making weak.


I fell for you but you weren’t there to catch me, instead you just let me fall,

Fall into this spiral of self loathing and hate!

And I fear that these scars won’t heal, I’m broken and I won’t heal.


This blade cuts into my heart

And I wait for your sweet, sweet stitches

To mend this wound that pierces so deep

As I sit and stare at your pictures.


I like these photos, your smiling at me,

That’s something I haven’t seen you do in a while.

I miss the days when you used to watch me

Then quickly look away when I caught your eye.


But those heartless vultures took me away

And locked me up because they thought I was insane.

Now trapped within these cold walls I will stay

Forever longing to see you again.


And as I sit by myself in the dark

I wait to be put out of my misery.

Alone with my thoughts and falling apart

I wait for you to come and rescue me.


What’s happening?

Why are you taking so long?

For you I’d wait forever,

But forever is almost gone.

The end is getting nearer the more time you take

Because unlike me, forever will not wait.


And I fear that these scars won’t heal, I’m broken and I won’t heal, I can’t heal.


And I cry…


I told them I didn’t love you any more

But they didn’t believe in my lies

Because that’s all they were,

Those words were just lies.


I fell for you but you weren’t there to catch me.

You just let me fall

Into this eternal slumber,

Where I dream.


I dream forever,

Like a movie in black and white

Stuck on repeat

Continually circling my mind.


I dream

A dream,

A magical dream.

This dream

I dream,

So magic it seems…


Alas, this dream is as it seems

This dream I dream is only a dream;

A contorted story my mind has conceived;

A memory, only make believe.


They locked me away and told me it was a disease;

A sick twisted fantasy.

The lie that I made my reality.

The dream of you that killed me.


So they fed me pills and doused me with lies:

An experimental game with death as the prize.

Too many of their pills left my tongue dry

And slowly, silently they took my life.


And as the echoes of footsteps on the tiles

And the plain white walls of the institution

Slowly faded from my mind

I knew that I’d found my resolution.


And even though my body’s dead

My heart, so black, still beats for you.

My vice, my love, my life, my death

In this night I only dream of you…


Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

Howling screams, blood stains all over me

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

I’m out for blood, don’t try and stop me!!!

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease!

My fists are clenched so hard

My nails are piercing my skin

The transformation is almost complete

This is where it begins



“Arise my child, demon within me,

from the darkened cracks in my heart

out of this brutal wreck- this broken love-

and into my world, where we shall walk as one.

To rupture the hearts, shatter the lungs

And to rip apart the flesh of those putrid maggots

Who dare to abuse me.

We shall have our revenge.

No one shall be spared.

Every one must DIE!!!!!!”

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

Howling screams, blood stains all over me

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably


“Paybacks a bitch baby”


the calm before the storm

Lurking in the distance,

The new me is born

My dark red eyes

My wing-ridden limbs

The transformation is complete

Now it begins!

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me bloodshed)

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me tears)

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me vengeance)

I’m out for blood!

(For all those years)


Into My Cherry River

Can you hear them too?
The voices…
Can you hear them?
They follow me
I go
I hear them
But I can’t see them.
The ghosts,
They haunt me
Their cries fill my head,
What started as a whisper;
Soothing And soft,
Now grows to a terrible shriek.
They’re screaming.
Screaming at the past,
Screaming at me.
Their voices
Carry their pain
Straight through me,
I shudder
Every time.
It gets louder
And louder
And louder
They scream at me,
And I scream back
Locked in a never ending battle
With each other.

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the simple gift – Cover Analysis

 In English we had to do a cover analysis of the book the simple gift by Steven Herrick.

 This is what I came up with:

the simple gift by Steven Herrick

The cover of the verse novel, the simple gift, provokes contrasting feelings of warmth, calamity, despondency and hope. The reflection of a sunrise or sunset suggests the end of an era or a new beginning. The colours and images suggest the novel is a coming of age story aimed at young adults.

Depicted in the centre of the cover is an outward facing hand holding an old style key. The hand looks aged and the sleeve of a maroon jumper suggests it belongs to a man. The key is placed in his left hand which indicates he is receiving it either as a gift or maybe a prize. It could symbolise the key to someone’s heart or the key to happiness or maybe it unlocks the door to a new world, a better world. I think the key might be a sign that there is still hope.

Situated behind the hand is what looks to be storm clouds. They seem to be split in half at the middle of the page. A sunrise or sunset is reflected on the bottom half of the clouds, tinting them with orange. This could suggest the end of an era or a new beginning. The black in the top of the clouds instils a feeling of mystery and fear and suggests great tragedy or misfortune, whereas the orange suggests warmth and balance. It could also mean that the protagonist is demanding of attention.

In between the two halves of cloud is a picture of a train track. This leads one to believe that the protagonist may be running from or to something, breaking through the darkness and away from misery. Maybe the story is about someone going on a journey to find happiness, taking a chance, catching a train to an unknown destination, running away from tragedy not knowing where they will end up, leaving with nothing but hope for a better life and a key, possibly the key to happiness. The train track, like the sunset, could symbolise a new beginning, a change of times.

Next one’s eyes move to the title at the top of the page, the simple gift. What is the simple gift? Love? Happiness? Freedom? Could it be the key in the man’s hand? That which unlocks the door to what one most wants? That, to me, is the simple gift. The text is a light purple which symbolises the foundation of all that is, a combination of strength and mercy. It suggests that the protagonist is imaginative, visionary, etheric and a daydreamer. In the title the word ‘the’ is the smallest out of them all; it is situated above the word ‘simple’ and to the left. This is most likely done because ‘the’ is the least important word in the title. Next is the word ‘simple’. It is the largest word on the page which suggests it is the most important word. The word ‘gift’ is slightly larger than ‘the’ but smaller than ‘simple’. It is situated underneath the word ‘simple’ and to the right. The font is simple, keeping in theme with the title and has no uppercase letters.

The only other text on the page is the author’s name, Steven Herrick. It appears to be in the same font as the title but this time uppercase letters are used because it is his name. The text is still purple but it is a slightly darker shade and it is situated at the bottom of the page. This is most likely done because the publisher feels the authors name is not as important as the title, marketing wise. Or it could just be an aesthetic choice, done to balance out the page and put the emphasis on the image in the middle.

One’s eyes will also come across a small silhouette of a power line in the right corner of the page. This could just be for aesthetic purposes, in keeping with the theme of trains, but I think there is more to it.  It may be there to put an emphasis on the train tracks or it may indicate power, authority, command and control. It looks like it is in the distance; fading, like the life he is leaving. I believe the power line is there to represent the life and the unruly authority the protagonist is running away from.

I imagine the novel will be about an elderly man telling the story about the time he ran away from home in search of a better place. Tales will be told of his journey out of the darkness and into light, of all the trouble he got in, all the mess he made and how he found a way out of it all, how he found love, happiness and the place where he truly belonged.