GEX Comic Strip!!! Next Monday!

Hello There!
If it’s more Gex that you are after you’ve come to the right place!

Next Monday, the 16th, there will be a small series of Gex comic strips available to read right here each week leading up til Christmas and the release of the Gex Comic Book ‘The Last Gift.’
Follow Gex as he prepares for Christmas in “5 Weeks Til Xmas.”
The comic strip series ends on the week before Christmas, instead of another comic strip on the same week as Christmas the newest Gex poster will be released for download.

Now secondly, Gex isn’t always a pretty sight, below I have my testing ground for Gex designs, fiddling around, testing angles, suits, shapes.

If you want to download this sketchpad just click below . . .


Cya Peeps!

A Coloured Christmas Adventure! Tis Here!

All ready to be falling down the chimney this Christmas is the newest, detailed, greatest and most colourful comic ever produced by 1000 Games.
This amazing eye candy is an amazing story, a gripping tale and a work of art on each page.
Be with Gex as he discovers a problem with his present from Santa and encounters a person who loves bombs so much . . . he’s given them to everyone.
All friends and relatives of me can order yours for Christmas day now! (It’s Free!)
Click the link above to go the the contact form.
Or email me if you know my address.
Have the subject as ‘ME WANT COMIC’
And we’ll how we can go about getting the comic to you.

Ben’s 3 Step Drawing

Sup-peroo Everybody.

The other day I decided to have a crack at drawing Toon Link from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. I was overall very happy with the end result.

Here’s the stuff:

First I looked up a picture of Toon Link:

Now I looked at this picture and thought, I don’t want him holding some wand thing, or holding his hand in the air as if he is about wack a fly off his arm.
So I changed the stuff I didn’t like . Here’s my version.
What do you think? I know his face looks different, personally I didn’t like the face on the original so I changed it. But I didn’t stop there. Time to add some colour . . .
Now that he has a coloured appearence he looks alot better! Click on the image to see the full sized image. But I didn’t stop there, I decided to add a background.
I made the background in a more sketchy form so that Toon Link wouldn’t blend into the back image. I also darkened up the lines on Toon Link and Navi (the little floating thing to the right of his head) to ensure that when you look at the picture you see Link more than the background behind him.

You go have a go! It’s pretty fun!
Remember click on the pictures to get a fullsized image,
You can download them if you want.
I have the finished one on my mantlepiece now.

See Ya!