I am Ben,
And I believe that imagination can help you in many different ways.
BGTN would never have been invented without imagination, neither would Ben A Ball.
For Example,
If you see a grown person walking around pretending that he’s a robot you would probably think he’s gone mad. If you see a young kid walking around pretending he’s a robot you would probably think it is cool or cute. If you see an actor pretending he’s a robot in front of a blue screen you’d probably think he’s stupid. Until they add the special effects and the backdrop. Imagination is the key. People can say that imagination is for kids or the mad. But really they’re watching people on TV that are using their imagination. If you imagine you can come up with heaps. How else would people have thought to travel to the moon? To design these amazing devices that can connect to a gigantic amount of space called the internet. And the amazing ways of communicating? There’s more to imagination than you think. Have a think of this as well. Hopefully i have opened your mind a bit. (You are probably thinking something like, ‘This guys a loony’ or something) Imagine this. Space. 
Floating in space, darkness. 
The stars. 
Traveling through space.
 At high speed. 
Traveling forever.
Into Eternal Darkness.


    Hey, ben this website is really random,
    but at the same time its really cool…
    does that make sense
    lov jade hahahaha

    I see . . .
    Well at least it is random and COOL.
    Thats better than strict and random.

    Lol, this comment was random.

    Anyways thanks


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