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I pick on BLOCKED,
I pick on BLOCKED,
And we have a look at the Reaction Schmaction.
No wait that sounds bad . . . wait I know . . . What’s Your Reaction?
No, no that sounds dumb . . . I know . . . How Gullible Can You Get?
Oh what the heck, I’ll call it . . . IDEKTNOTS . . . (I Don’t Even Know The Name Of This Story.)

Time for my:
Top Story
Now it’s time for my:
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How gullible is the Human race?

Kids in our class are gullible.
Kids in the school are gullible.
How? Heres An Example.
If you make up something up, for example ‘Clare loves Ned’ and you tell someone that Clare told you, a whole rumor starts up without any truth whatsoever.
And You Believe It
This is true.
If you have someone come up to you and say that Clare told them that she likes Ned you’ll believe it. (Unless the person telling the rumour has a bad reputation or the rumor is about one of your friends, or you.)
And even when poor Clare gets asked if she really likes Ned , and she says no, still everyone thinks that she does!
No matter what she says.
Don’t believe me?
Well this is basically how it works:
The Rumor Maker makes something up whether it’s true or not and tells . . .
. . . Gullible People and the gullible people believe this because they’re gullible, then they tease . . . The Targeted Person.
Well I had a theory . . . How gullible . . . Is the rumor maker?
Anyways, if you got a message saying this:
YOU HAVE WON $1000,000,000!
Would you believe it?
Well a boy in our class received an E-mail from which claimed to be from:
PlayBoy Mansion
The email stated that he had won 10 VIP passes to PlayBoy mansion.
And he believed it!
Who was it?
Now many people were wondering . . .
The way that I sent the E-mail too him was simple.
And my view of setting up the email looked like this . . .
But don’t fall for it!
If you receive an email that looks like that or sounds too good to be true don’t fall for it! Because they may be more a threat or they may be another joke!
I mean just the other day Brody was trying to send a prank email to Isabella.
But he sent it in something that looked like this:
Which is actually a feedback line to the company that runs the email service. . .
Now for the, Last Story.
One image remains.

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