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Sorry it took so long for the next BGTN episode . . . I kinda had some technical difficulties.
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On Today’s Show

We have a look into our trip to Bruny Island.
– – – – BLOCKED OUT – – –, and this guy yabberin away over something . . .
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Top Story
Now as you know we went to Bruny Island,
And as you know this is the tent that Tom, Aidan and I stayed in.
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You would also know that the tent is big strong, and as we found out not very wind resistant!
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But never fear! A group of super-duper tent fixer-uppers on the ground!
The tent was all fixed and back to normal, But then we had another problem . . .
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When we told the tent fixer-uppers they kinda went loopy.
And we went to the beach, as a creature lugged it’s way out of the sea . . .
We also went on some tours in the bus . . . and of course Curtis was paying attention . . .
But Curtis didn’t only fall asleep during a tour but I noticed that there was a large group of people around his cabin one night.
It took me a few moments to sort it all out . . .

Let’s see . . . Curtis + Group of People = . . . ahhh an Angry Mob!

I wouldn’t call the toilet and bathroom facilities 5 star . . .
1 toilet didn’t flush at all
1 toilet did flush but spurted water out of the bowl and dribbling down onto the floor
And the last toilet was perfect, except for the smashed off lock and plastic toilet seat.
Holly and Rachel were disgusted.
Marco wasn’t feeling too good either . . .

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Last Story
Now you know who these people are:
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And you’d probably thought that you’d seen the last of the guy on the right.
Well you were wrong.
It’s a fight against this guy.
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And this guy.

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Now John Howard may no longer be the Australian Prime Minister but he is still angry.
He is angry because he is sick of sitting at home twiddling his thumbs all day.
So he decided to do something about it . . . .
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And as you know with politics . . . Nothing ends well . . . .
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The above story is not true, no relation to the politics

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