BGTN S02 Episode 2


I’d like to welcome you to the second episode of the second series.

On Today’s Show
I show you something from A Long Time Ago, a Ben Cam, Think About It and finally I explain the BGTN Competion.

Top Story

This may bug you but this is not allowed to be placed on this blog.

Ben Cam

I said that I may think of sticking the Ben Cams on the website, I’ll see how I feel.

What!?! An Ad break! Why!

And I can’t show the ads on the website either, sorry!

Now it’s time for . . .

Think About It
Now imagine this, imagine that one day your rich and famous and you get a telephone call from someone that claims to be a friend from primary school, anyways, you talk for a bit then the topic comes up, ‘Yeah I’ve really been struggling with my finance and stuff would you mind helping me out?’ What would you do? Help them? Or tell them to take a hike?
Now imagine this, your floating in space, no ups, no downs just floating off into the darkness.

Now I can explain the BGTN Competito____________

Wait a second, I don’t need to explain it because it’s finished! The competition was over a long time ago. So Ha! I don’t need to type it!

Next Time On BGTN

BGTN picks on America (No Offence to those Americans out there, Look on the bright side, Aussies get criticised too!)
A Ben Cam, a Think About It and a Ben’s Rage.

That’s all for today’s show!
The next BGTN will be a new series . . .

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