Time is short, and long. It changes.

Time has been growing quicker by the second, it never goes back, it keeps on going. But no one thought about the fact that time doesn’t exist. The sun doesn’t exist, there is no such thing. They are just words that we called stuff. The human named the tree, the sun, the sky, the time and the moments that fly by.

Did you imagine this, people that do not know a language. How do their thoughts wonder. How do they think if you don’t know a language. When we make mental notes we think in our mind ‘Right I have to do this today . . .’ but what do those with no language think? What do they think I ask you?

Do you think of the fact that right now when I am typing this, that I am thinking of what you would think of it. I’m imagining that some people think I’m crazy, not with it, have no idea what I’m on about. Some will be really into what I am saying and are reading every word with interest.

So from now on, whatever you are doing. Just think. Think of it, right now you could be doing all kinds of things. You may be famous in one world, or a graffiti artist in the next, in one world I may be typing something completely different. I may be typing about how I hate people who think about stuff to often. I might be that sort of a person.

Also when you walk down the street. Something you haven’t done since you were little is think about each step you take. Try it, each step, concentrate on the step you take.



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