Just Macbeth!

Just Macbeth
Andy Griffiths

When I heard that Just Macbeth, another addition to the Just series by Andy Griffiths was coming out I was very much delighted.

I imagined what Andy would get up to, what different stories would there be like in the other just books.
So off I went to purchase the book.

I opened the book, and straight away I saw Terry Denton’s funny illustrations on each page and the flick-book animation in the corner just like all of the other Just series.

I began to read the first part, but I found that the whole book, was layed out like a script.
It doesn’t have any of the stories like in the other just books where he was swatting flies or flying down a steep hill in a pram.

Instead it was a script that in this type of layout:

Andy: Danny, stop it.

Danny: Why?

Andy: Because I said so.

Lisa: Both of you stop it!!!

Now personally I hate this. I hated it when there was only 1 chapter in Just Disgusting when they used this layout for a story, now he’s gone and made a book out of it!!!

This should not have been made into a ‘Just’ book, it clearly doesn’t keep the same feel as the rest of them, when Just Shocking came out it fit straight in, this on the other hand. Does not.

Hopefully ‘Mascot Madness’ a new addition to his ‘Schooling Around’ series will cheer me up from this disappointing array. . .

Because personally this book was not my cup of tea.

Rating: 2/5

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