The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom – R.L. Stine

Goosebumps- The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom
By R.L. Stine

Whoah! Now this book has an amazing thing about it.


The author wrote this book in such a way that when reading you get the feelings from main character, Michael.

Michael has a younger sister called Tara which is without a doubt one of the most annoying siblings you could ever end up with.
She is always embarrasing him infront of friends or getting him into trouble.
The author does such a good job at transferring the anger from Michael into the reader. I found myself getting really angry and wanting to bang the table.

It all changes one day, his dad brings home an old clock from Anthony’s Antiques shop. His dad tells him and Tara to not lay a finger on it. If he caught either of them touching it they would be in big trouble.

Michael saw this as an opportunity to get Tara in trouble . . .

Have to stop their folks.
Read it and see what happens.

I particually liked the ending, it was well pieced together and I was left waiting for more.
All I was left with was the preview of another book at the back.

I hope there is a sequel to this.
I was left going “Awww! Don’t end there!”

I rate it 10/10

Good Book

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