Woops! Friday Mobbles!

Okay, before you say. “What on Earth is Mobbles!?”
Let me tell you about the end of the day . . .

Apart from having a gluggy Friday, and possibly the worst arranged lesson periods out of all the other days. The afternoon was alright . . . Except.

I think I may have given my English teacher the impression that I’m under the influence of BEN 10. Gah!
I would never allow myself to be attached to such a childish shifty-eyed over-dramatic looney! No offence Cartoon Network, but I think the character is an disgrace to all Bens’ everywhere.
Ben A Ball is not at all influenced by BEN 10, Ben A Ball has been around far before BEN 10’s rein of Ben reputation destruction came apon the Earth.

The word ‘Mobbles’ is my new made up word. It is mind and boggles mixed together.
It’s because when something bugs me I often sit there in a boggle thinking about it with my mind. (Duh, what else would you think with?)

The other thing that happened on the bus was some smart-alec was asking everyone “Which weighs more? a kilogram of rocks or a kilogram of feathers.
Many people were tricked by this ‘tricky’ question.
Everyone he asked said that a kilogram of rocks weighs more . . .
He soon shut up however after he asked me, lets just say he didn’t expect anyone to say ‘Neither’


Since I talked about Ben A Ball being around longer than the accursed Ben-demolishing-cartoon-of-terror. I’ll tell you how it started.

In case any of you were wondering.

Ben A Ball started back when I was in Prep, which is a fair time back, I was living in Launceston at the time.
Anyways, how the name came about I’m not quite sure, I think that Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh had some influence on the name, don’t ask how but I recall making my own trading cards, (scribbled pictures on paper with no text) and I called the cards ‘Ben-A-Ball’ Trading Cards.
The basic wording, Ben, a and Ball sound very Prep-like, makes this whole blog seem like a bit of a joke now, heh . . .
Continue Ben!
It then started up as an imaginary game, I’ve always liked imagining, since I didn’t have any friends really in playgroup, kinder or into the start of prep, I had always played by myself using imagination to keep me entertained.

Hence the disturbed, up-himself sounding character I am today . . . Nah . . .*Shifty Eyes*

Ben A Ball was an imaginary game where my and my (other disturbed) friends would imagine that we were protecting the world from aliens, parasites and pure evil of some weird made up villain called, “CooCaaCooCaa”
Something tells me that I had consumed high doses of red cordial the day I came up with that name for an evil villain . . .
The name of the game became MY nickname, which was slightly odd. But I didn’t complain.
I played Ben A Ball roughly up until Grade 6, even when I moved schools in the end of Grade 4 the game of Ben A Ball was not halted.
By Grade 6 it seemed that no one was disturbed or looney enough to want to play such a reputation-costly game.

So the game ended, but the story continued.

In my mind ever since the world that I knew still goes on,
Alas it has been tuned out of my personality,
But still is very much a part of me.

Sorry for this rather weird post readers, it’s rather different to my other posts.

Until next time.

See Ya!


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    Strange word Ben, no not your name but your new word. I like it though. Yeeeeesssss – Ben 10 that's it, that's what I was trying to think of when you left but I couldn't remember what it was.
    MRS H
    p.s SPELLING ERROR UP TOP OF YOUR PAGE – 'Prevails is the correct one.'
    Pps Yes can't stop being an E.T

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