Life Ruined? Oh please.

Okay, I’ve about had it.
I’m sick of everyone being way, way too over-dramatic.
Yes all you people on MySpace are the main target of this post, I
can’t believe you.

Why do you people say that your life is ruined?
Well from what I’ve read it’s because ‘people don’t like you’ or ‘your
boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you’ or ‘you can’t get a
Gawd, you people need help.
Because your worlds revolve around relationships, around ‘Needing to
be popular’ about people ‘needing to like them.’

It’s not the end of the world!
Your life isn’t over just because someone dumps you, cos you think
no one likes you.
Half the time people do like you! But a few people aren’t enough for
you! You need everybody to like you! Life doesn’t work that way buster
so deal with it!

And as for girlfriends and boyfriends! Many of you have had 8 even 12
already! Some people haven’t had any and they are happy as can be.

The main problem here is that many of you have meaningless
relationships, only going out cos you thing you have to, heaps of
people go out for a day or a week and stop. Classic examples of
meaningless relationships.

The relationship has to be genuine for it to be emotionally efficient.
Meaningless relationships lead to being emotionally depressed.

Grow up,

Get a life and stop having to rely on other people for you to be happy!

I think I’m done now,


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