Enough Warnings

Haven’t posted in awhile, but in that time I’ve built up a few really painstakingly angry thoughts.

*Da da da! Welcome to Ben’s Current Angers, on todays show . . .*

Heh, no not like that.

I’m angry with smoking, drugs, and all the other stuff that can obviously KILL YOU.
Anyone with a brain can see that, and before some drug-hardened psychedelic dimbo decides to comment with a low-vocab sourced complaint about me saying that YOU HAVE NO BRAIN I’m just going to make it perfectly clear that I’m right and you’re wrong, get over it.

What is the most annoying thing is the attitude you get from these people, many of the people that smoke and take drugs take them because of the health risks, they want to look ‘cool’,’tough’ and ‘strong.’
See how cool and tough you look when you’re riding in the back of the ambulance you ignorant fools, the last thing you’ll be snuffing up is your stupid choices waving like a surrender flag in front of your blood sore eyes.

Obviously not all drug takers are evil, some are struggling with a serious problem, what I can’t stand is the ones who take it for the reputation and ignore your warnings.
They’ll ignore you or call you weak because you don’t smoke or take drugs.

Smoking however is another story, again, maybe not the equivalent of Lex Luthor, but still ignorance at it’s greatest.
They pay money, to die.
All you have to do is stop, use will power and don’t take them, if you seriously want to save yourself, do something right. Use your mind and stop.

As for all you ‘cool’ ignorant twits that think ‘it won’t kill me’ or you don’t care about the health risks, stuff you all, If you want to look cool by killing yourself in wallet and lung then thats your stupid choice.
You’ll have a long time in hospital to think about your choices.

Until next time.


(Who doesn’t display his home address for a good reason)

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