War On Windows (WOW)

This is my War On Windows (WOW)

There are people out there, that love a thing called Windows, not your see through slow-rate moving liquid to keep wind out and light in. Oh no,

I’m talking about Windows the operating system franchise, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Windows 7 is the only one that seems to have started to clean up its act, but personally I don’t want to get it and find out the hard way.

Now when someone mentions a word about Windows, or even says something about an Macs or operating systems, I immediately start a debate and join in, mainly because I don’t get to talk about geeky nerdy stuff to anyone most of the time because no one is interested in geeky nerdy stuff. Simple aye?

Everyone else comes to school saying, “Ah yeah, stacked me motorbike on the weekend, I was going along a ditch and the wheel spun out and flicked out horizontally and along the ground then off a small cliff.”
Now I don’t share such ‘exciting’ pleasures, so if I ever gave them a talk on how my weekend was it would probably be like, “Well I loaded Ubuntu 10.04 onto my LG LS50a and then created a virtual environment with enabled bridged-networking and tried out the Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha release in coherence mode.”

Don’t know about you, but I think I know which sounds more exciting . . .
Well, to me it would actually be the second one . . . but nevermind that . . .

Anyways, so basically I was arguing about how I hated Windows the other day, because every computer I’ve had Windows on, has crashed at least 5 times, and even if it doesn’t crash dead stop it has glitches that occur all the time. The current computer I have now has Windows XP on it, I just had to reinstall all my software because it screwed up and died, thanks to Windows, and because the ruddy backup disk that Windows made that was meant to restore the whole system failed at 80% (In typical Windows fashion) I was forced to start from scratch.

Here’s some of the reasons why I hate Windows.

1. Windows Explorer (Explorer.exe) when I try to open folders sometimes it will freeze, then you try and close the window and your task bar disappears and you are left on a screen with no user interface at all and your stuffed.
Explorer.exe is in charge of the computer essentially. So it shouldn’t be closing, its rubbish!

2. Viruses, Windows has viruses, mainly because Microsoft left the gap there so that they could squeeze more money out of people by getting them to pay for anti-virus and fixes and all this rubbish.

3. Slow, The moment you start installing a few programs, adding your files, installed your antivirus, everything just slows right down, programs are slow, start up is hideously slow.

4. It costs a flipping fortune!!!

I hate Windows Vista personally, its buggy, slow, packed with trial rubbish, just a waste of time.
Windows XP works well if you never install any programs, never download anything, basically ruling out anything productive.

Personally I think that Ubuntu is the BEST operating system, hang on, hear me out.
The reason is that it’s free, has tones of free software, office programs, games, it doesn’t need antivirus.

Windows XP-Windows Vista cost about $400-$500!!!
Windows 7 costs about the same

And the Mac OS X, but you can only use it on mac computers anyways . . .
and that costs about $35-$125 (Leopard, Snow Leopard)

Well thats all for me,
Personally I’m sick of typing, and receiving error messages as I press the enter key.

Good Day.