A New Coat Of Paint

Ahoy Ahoy!

The Ben A Ball Blogs are undergoing a new makeover!

The Main blog is almost finished, although I plan to make it more compatible and tweak the theme a bit more to make it look better.

But what do you think?


Keep in mind most of the other blogs still retain their old theme, so it may seem a bit weird flipping between them . . .

I do hope you like the new theme, please send feedback etc. using the new ‘Contact Me’ tab and give me a heads up on whether its a keeper or not.

You can expect nicer looking posts, more images and more ‘chocolate sprinkles’ shall we say on all posts, pages, and future blogs.


There are a few glitches and errors that I am currently trying to fix, I’ve found that this new theme, unlike the old one, is NOT iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad friendly, and will not display correctly on these devices, (there are probably other devices that will display incorrectly too.) I am currently working on fixing this glitch with these devices by either making a mobile site or something similar . . .

Until next time.