Christmas Presents!


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nothing ‘cos I don’t have, well, a true love . . .

Hey guys I’m back to talk about a few things today, Christmas and things that are weird that I thought of during this lovely thing called Life. 
//Life isn’t a game, its a privilege.//

It’s on the way, from today, there’s 10 days until Christmas, or 9 days if you don’t count ‘Christmas Day’ as a ‘Day Until’, anyway, this year I decided to give my family better presents than I had brought them every other year. Mum and Dad would always receive a box of chocolates, and then pretend to be somewhat excited and amazed when they opened it up. 
//”Oh wow Ben, Chocolates”//
My two brothers received the similar treatment, except maybe a few Hot wheels cars or something, anyway, this year I went BIG. Well, as big as $93.
That’s a considerable amount of money for a kid with no income, other than single $5 increments of birthday and Christmas money, I spent practically all of my money this year, because I want my presents not to be the “sit asides”, you know what I’m talking about with the “sit asides” thing right?
You know whenever it’s Christmas you’ll open up all your presents and the ones of ‘less interest’ will be placed all in one heap a few metres away, and the ones you are interested in will be stacked right next to you in a VIP (Very Important Parcel) heap. Come on, you do it too. This normally means, all the clothes and stuff in one pile, all the toys and gadgets in this pile.
ANYWAYS, man I can go astray in these posts.
I wanted my presents to be some of the ones sitting on the interested pile, I wanted my presents to be the highlight, so this year I assume that they will be.

I won’t say what I bought for each family member until AFTER Christmas, because no doubt they’ll be checking my blog in an attempt to get a ‘sneak peak’ at their present. But on average I spent about $20 on each family member. (Out of 5)

But when it does I’ll keep you posted.

The question, or thing I thought about recently is this.

Christmas, is a Christian/Catholic celebration, to celebrate the birth of Jesus, (Which actually didn’t happen on the 25th of December . . .) practically everyone celebrates Christmas, but not for the birth of Jesus, but for the giving of gifts and generosity. I’m not saying this is wrong, because I personally don’t celebrate it for Jesus being born anyway, (Again, because he wasn’t born on the 25th anyway!) I just think it’s interesting that the celebration or festival takes place worldwide, and yet most the people that celebrate it aren’t religious.

What do you think though people? Comment and tell me these things.
– What do you celebrate Christmas for?
– Do you purchase gifts for the family?
– If yes, do those gifts become the main structure of the uninterested pile?

This is all for this post, I was going to write something else, but I think it deserves a post of it’s own, (Because I thinks it’s AMAZING) I will be writing that post in due time. Until then . . .

See Ya!


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