2011 . . . Meh


It’s 7 days into 2011, and I’ve done . . . Hmmmm . . . nothing . . .

You can blame this disappearing act on the thing that I brought with my Christmas money, which dragged me away from every video, blog, graphics, programming stuff that I do normally. But I’ll tell you about that in a minute. (Well, could be in a second depending how fast you read)

The other thing I want to talk about is dreams, and how they may be trying to tell us something, for the dreams I’ve had recently relate to this game that I bought, well, I spose you can say anything relates to anything when it comes down to it, but this I feel is greatly linked to this mysterious item.

So what is it that I brought with the Christmas money, well it was Halo Reach, which is a video game developed by Bungie for the Xbox 360, I got it for the cheapest price that I’d seen around, $70, from Dicksmith. I’ve played every single Halo game in the series, when I got Halo 3 the same thing happened, I was taken by it, because of it’s forge mode and online play. ‘Forge Mode’ is where you can create your own levels, choose where the weapons all go, and on some levels like Sandbox you can completely create and choose the layout of the whole map.
I love creating things, and also enjoy a little online play here and there, and Halo Reach offers it perfectly, BUT, I’m not going to talk about the game in detail here, I’ll leave that for a post on my Gamers Spot Blog.
It will be there when I get the chance . . .


This game took me away from everything, I love the creation and everything about it. But I noticed that the game was changing me. I was getting short tempered and angry, really quickly, over very silly things, and I didn’t like it . . .
Then the other night, I had a dream. I wasn’t sure where I was, all I knew is that there were some of my classmates, one of them, who annoys me with her “smart talk” always trying to beat my score in order to either boast about it to herself or on the one occasion telling me that “my score was worse than . . .” and then stating a name. Being smart isn’t just about bloody knowledge, I don’t know how many times I have to say it, I know someone that is a wizard at history, reads a lot and always thinks he’s clever by correcting things that I say, but when it comes to common sense and knowing when to say or do things, he’s terrible!
He told some woman with a make-up malfunction the other day that she looked like a clown, and other times done things that when questioned about stated that he “didn’t know” why he did it. This girl that keeps trying to compete is one of this people, obviously up themselves from previous years of success, and all they have to do is beat the next clever person to give them self the impression that they are the best person in the world.
Hehem! Back on topic.
Anyways, the ‘smart’ girl said something to me, in the dream I could hear it in crystal clear definition, and know it still feels as if I know exactly what was said, but I just can’t remember . . . aaaaagh!
Whatever it was annoyed me, because I started swearing and pointing fingers, and from memory throwing stuff around, and all the people, including a person I think very highly of, all talked disapprovingly, I had turned into some tyrant. When I woke up in the morning, I linked the dream to my life, dreams are said to be your brain’s virtual reality system, which tests you in different situations, these often include things like running away from something, confrontation with a certain being or foe, and falling, down a really deep abyss.
Which in my case was running away from a giant panda (From Crash Bandicoot), confronting a robber breaking into our caravan, even though we don’t have a caravan, and of course falling, for whatever reason.
I also use to have these dreams of this cold white hand reaching out from underneath all the furniture and grabbing me, pulling me under.
With my dream of anger, I instantly linked it to the game I’d been playing, and how I was getting short tempered, easily by playing it, it’s almost as if the dream, or the unconscious was telling me what I could become if I didn’t do something about it. So that very day I had a half an hour meditation session, where I just close my eyes, sit on the floor, and just breath calmly. I’ve done it before when I felt that my anger wasn’t acceptable, whether it actually works, or I’m just tricking myself with the placebo effect, I wouldn’t know, but now I’m not so short tempered, but whenever I play the game, it comes back, so I just have to be mindful of that, and go into the game not feeling so attached to it, and just seeing it as what it is, a game, I have to go in being calm, taking it easy, not only will I feel better, but I’ll also play the game better too.

Dreams are interesting things, you can have dreams where the thing that you dreamed happens the very next day, you can also have dreams of relatives or friends that have passed away, like the dreams I had of my Grandfather when he passed away, and these weren’t warm happy dreams, they were dark cold and sad.
You can also have good dreams, like the flying dream, that you can control and fly around, then you wake up and try flying, and can’t get that amazing jump lift-off thing working like it did in the dream.
There are also weird dreams, fighting dreams, sad dreams, dreams that appear to be warning you, like the dream about smoking that many people have had, and in some cases have given them that push to quit smoking, or to vow nether to touch a cigarette.

What’s also interesting is that people who play video games regularly have been proven to have less nightmares, because the brain doesn’t need to use its dream simulation program to test you in a fighting situation, because you’ve already done it time and time again in the games you play.

When your playing the video game, it takes on your reality, you are in the game, you become the character and so forth, really whether your dreaming, playing a video game, or living real life, our perception of what’s real and what isn’t is judging by your senses, when your in a dream, it feels totally real, then when you wake up you realise it was odd.

By the way, anyone really interested in dreams should watch the movie Inception.
I recommend it, if you’re good at following multiple story lines, and like dreams, go out get the movie, and after watching it, watch the small documentary on dreaming included on the special features disk.

Well, I’ll catch you later,

Next post I’ll be saying a few words about Facebook.

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    Interesting blog. I have been thinking alot about dreams lately aswell.. I started writing a dream diary so I can record them 🙂

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