Fix: AOE2 & SWGB, “Can’t find saved scenario files in explorer”

Can’t find your Scenario you made in Scenario Editor? You’re trying the find the “.scx” file but it just doesn’t save to the “/Scenario” folder. It probably is pissing you off as much as it did me.

This is a problem that happens with Age Of Empires 2 and Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds when run on Windows Vista or Windows 7, it’s to do with Administrator settings, and the program/game not being allowed to actually save in the ‘/Scenario’ folder.

Text Instructions:

  1. Go to the game install directory
  2. Right-click on ‘Scenario‘ and then choose ‘Properties
  3. Click on the ‘Security‘ tab, then click on ‘Edit
  4. Click on ‘Users‘ and then tick the ‘Full Control‘ tickbox

Then run Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds or Age of Empires 2, open your map in the scenario editor and ‘Save As,’ and choose a different name. The scenario will have saved into C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age Of Empires II/Game/Scenario or C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds/Game/Scenario

Image Instructions:

Info Image

ALSO: With both games, if you ‘Run As Administrator,’ you won’t have any issues with permissions. Unfortunately if you have maps in the scenarios folder that were created as non-admin, and then you run the  game as an administrator you won’t be able to access those save files.





 UPDATED: 23/09/2014

AoE 2 can’t find saved scenario files in explorer
SWGB can’t find saved scenario files in explorer
AoE 2 can’t find .scx file
SWGB can’t find .scx file

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