A Half-The-Midlife Crisis

Hey all

Recently time feels to have gone, fast. Too fast.
Maybe because it’s the school holidays and time actually has a consiousness and is ruining my plans for all technological creation. I’ve got games to make, music to create, videos to amuse and a few mornings to snooze.

But I’m running out of time, sigh…the constrictions of school come again. 3 weeks to go, brilliant, I can look forward to PAT testing, more lovely pressure to be put under. :/
Then again, Private School kids have it much worse, they don’t get a life or time to create or explore imagination, apart from learning the ways of ridiculing all public school kids’ poor education and how crappy their lives will be compared to their apparent “rich” lives ahead they get time to do work at school and work at home so that they can later become business men and/or women which will then will get time to repeat the childhood pattern with work at work and work at home, while the public schooled kids live a more relaxed less stressful more social life, and learn to live without so much money.
Hmmm, man I wander about in some of these posts…

There’s just too much pressure on people to do well, that’s why you have some young dilinquates roaming the streets, because they couldn’t take the pressure, or couldn’t even meet the minimum size requirement for a human brain.


My main issue here is that life feels like it’s too short, I only turned 15 awhile ago and I feel like I don’t have that much life to live. How can I possibly be having a midlife crisis at the age of 15??
Has the average age of death for a human male dropped by a couple of decades due to the medicines, foods, and lack of exercise? Meaning that I’m going to live till 30?
Or has the Ancient Mayans somehow cracked into my brain telepathically from the cold darkness of the underworld and given me the ability to feel that the end is near.
(Um… In case I have any serious conspiracists here, THAT WAS A JOKE! šŸ™‚

Anyone else feeling like your life is going to be constrained?
Or that your life is feeling shorter? And shorter?

Times flying, and I can’t catch the clock.
I’m really not quite sure, if I can take the shock.

I must have caught the Dr. Seuss bug while I was away camping…

Yours Elderly,


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