Beings of Requirement

Welcome to another post of mine, for those just joining us, I’m Ben, welcome, welcome. Anyways this post I’m going to ‘talk’ about the rulers of this planet, the beings that have been able to take over the entire planet. It’s curious that a group of humans, without assistance of technology of any kind, wouldn’t stand a chance against a group of tiger, without the assistance of technology of any kind. But as it happens, tigers don’t use modern weaponry as it is anyway.

What’s the point of this?

Well basically humans haven’t taken the world over by strength, or by being the most sharp-toothed animal in the world, we’ve broken away from that train line that is the food chain, broken right away from the rules of the animal kingdom, and completely altered the natural course of Earth.

But this in fact, has, in my opinion, done more harm than good.

How? What? Why? When? Chicken?

So look at the rules of the animal kingdom, to survive you need to be strong, if your weak, injured or suffering from illness, you’re dead. If there is an animal dying of sickness, he’s gone, if an animal has a broken leg, foot or so forth, the chances are they aren’t going to make it, they’re gone. In a simple rhyme, if your weak, then your dead, if your strong, you move on. Because of modern medicines, law, restrictions that we have made to the way of life, to create our own way of life, we are weakening our entire population, our race will slowly be so weak, that even though we’ll be in our numbers, won’t stand a fighting chance physically.

Nowadays, most of the people that are alive today, probably wouldn’t stand a chance in the animal kingdom of the past. I would most definitely not be here, I would have gone a long time ago. The reason that most people are alive is all due to living conditions of the modern human race, meaning, the weak and the sick don’t die, in the old animal kingdom the weak and the sick are removed by elimination, slowly over time that particular breed of species gets stronger because the weak are eliminated, so the end result is a really strong race, because only the toughest of the race are still alive, “But that’s barbaric and animalistic,” No it’s not, it’s life.

Because of the fact we no longer die when we are weak, and don’t often die when we are sick or injured, our race accumulated a large percentage of weaker beings which normally wouldn’t be here. If we throw in a few years of mating and generations of humans, we’re slowly getting a weaker, weaker race. Also due to the fact that we use modern medicines, which in most cases just weaken our immune system by not actually teaching the body how to protect itself, over time our immune system will weaken so much, our survival will be dependant on medicine to keep us healthy.

But also lets digress a bit, and think about where we’re heading. In terms of evolution, the basic rule of par is that over time the species will adapt itself to suite it’s environment, and to suite the requirements of the world it’s living in.
I personally think as the human race as a parent to all these children, and many of these children have sub-childs and so forth. Or in other words, the The Human Race is the main species, but that species has many different types. Put it this way, there is fruit, that’s the ‘species’, and also classed under fruit there are apples, bananas, mango, kiwi fruit, pears and so forth. You get the idea.

Personally I think the human race is already extremely diverse, we have people with different skin colours, due to adapting to survive in hot places, we have people that are good at physical activities, possibly to get away from or fight off predators, we have people that are really good intellectually, people that are really good at visual stuff, and others that are really good at making noises. All these are obviously things that can be contributed to people actually doing these on a regular basis, but most of this is also contributed by genetics, and past bloodline evolution. Because of the fact we all face different living conditions, all of us are essentially a different child to the parent that is the human race, or in other words, not all of as are evolved in the same way, or for the same reasons. As confusing as this sounds . . .

For our entire race to evolve with the same skills and features as each other, we all have to be exposed to the same environments, circumstances, and living conditions. But this isn’t the case, we are all exposed to different things, there are those of us living in the rough, and those with everything at their fingertips, people with hunger, people with fear, it’s different for everyone. In order to evolve at the same time, or with the same skill set, “…we all have to be exposed to the same environments, circumstances, and living conditions…” in the modern age, what is one common factor in most of our lives? The one thing that most of us use on a daily basis. That thing, is technology, but what can this do to our race? How can technology impact our evolution?

Over great deal of humans will probably lose their long-vision eyesight, think of the devices we use, computers and mobile phones, these are devices that we use at close proximity to our eyes, our eyes are looking a few centimetres away. Over time we’ll probably evolve to lose our long-vision, because we simply aren’t using it as we once did, so it will no longer seem needed.

It’s a really large topic, but I don’t have the time to dig into this post any further, sorry folks.

But hope it leaves you thinking. 



“Quattuordecillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
It’s 1 with 45 zeros after it!”

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