NeWs! Episode 4

NeWs! Episode 4 was hosted in assembly on the 26th May 2011, featuring a 4 minute montage of the school triathlon a week/weeks before.
In Episode 4 of NeWs! We had the following:
  • Triathalon Montage
  • Smencils Ad
  • Canteen Line
  • Randomie – “Hallway Norway”
  • Real News, including: “Sorcery Killing” , “Sporting Miracle”, “Planking” , “End of the World, Whoops, we got the wrong date” 
Episode Screenshots:
Nothing there
This show was hosted by:
-Sam, Alex, Paul

The Ineffects of Global Warming

Global warming these days is a major problem in today’s society.
But is this really what the government says?
No one can really trust a government with their promises.

I think that it is true but not in the way that the critics say.
If global warming is such a big problem, then why don’t they just make an act of having more plantations (not that this will affect the current situation) but will provide some lower costs. They could always make a tax which for every 10 tonnes of CO2 created or 1 tonne of Methane is released by a company, to plant a fruit or bamboo tree. This would benefit all of us greatly in some ways.

But instead of our government providing more renewable power sources. they are just paying the companies to make it cheaper. It’s just not right how they are doing this.


Comment your thoughts and opinions.

Some Kind of Bewilderment

Juxtapose is easily
The most useful word I know.
Juxtapose anything
A myriad of macintosh,
Sly sabbatical.
Instant applause
Prizes for your clever
Which you keep in a sequinned box.
Juxtapose the
And the hollow rasp of a soulless protest.
Doesn’t matter
You just can’t
Can you see this shimmering glow
That scrapes
The cold away?
A beautiful
Juxtaposition of a tangerine and the
A fox that speaks
Sigh. So annoying.
Though I do myself,
Skip and scuffle
A way along the road
Dragging my wishful boots
– I use them to stomp feeling
Until it oozes out into the light –
Along the chalked up technicolour suggestions.
Why do they use chalk?
Oh I couldn’t say.
Don’t think that I could
Answer anything
Like that
As eloquently as I must.
I have bigger fish to fry,
Or more accurately,
Not enough time.
Because I get the feeling
I should be feeling
Or listening…?
Something good and
Suitable and
I want to
If you’d be a dear
Ask for
Any kind of Assistance there is
‘Press button for assistance’
Those people please.
Tell them
I’ve got my big toe stuck
In between a juxtaposition.

My Dreaded Solo Piece

Well, if you can be bothered watching the song, that’s what I was planning on performing for my solo piece, (which I spent ages practicing) I performed it on a nylon string acoustic on Wednesday, only to find that Ms Dawes wanted it played again on a steel string.  But enough of me crapping on…

What do you think of it?

End Of The World . . . This Saturday


I probably shouldn’t bother posting about it, because apparently come the morn, we’ll be dead.

There’s been a rumour circulating around the web that the end of the world, otherwise known as JUDGEMENT DAY was meant to be happening today at 6. That’s right, as if read off a Holy TV Guide, the TV Station producers of this nut-case channel have decided to change the showing time of their end of the world television program from the 21st of December 2012 to the 21st of May 2011. Today’s the end of the world? All I can say at the moment is that it’s 9pm, so they’re kinda running off-schedule.

Seriously? Whats up with people saying the world is going to end?

Do you want the world to end? Has the Days of our Lives series finally ended and you feel no reason to continue life? I mean come on, get over the world ending crap! The one thing that I don’t get is that all the people that keep coming up with these predictions of death and destruction, are religious followers, people who are meant to be trying to resolve conflicts, remove world hunger and bring peace among all.

“The end of the world? That’s not fair! I still have plenty of Farmville credits to spare!”

This prophecy (…not the one above…) comes from Christan radio host Harold Camping, who’s apparently spent a couple of years (and I’ve only heard about it now . . . because?) warning everyone that the end of the world will be on the 21st of May 2011, at precisely 6PM. Oh . . . well, that means that it’s not happening then . . . damn, I thought I’d just gotten out of a whole heap of homework.

Oh wait, no sorry, he said it will BEGIN at 6pm, so we could still be doomed. (BooYa!)

Apparently a massive earthquake will strike the earth, this earthquake will shake the graves of every buried believer on earth (sucked in to those who got cremated) and transform them into an amazing spiritual  being. They will then move on to live with God for all eternity.

. . . Yeah . . . Okay, so where’s the part about all of us dying? It just talks about all the believers running off on a rather long getaway (now that would be an exciting episode) , it doesn’t say something like, “Then all the rest of you will drop dead,” or “…and then’th you’th die’th by’th large’th thing’th.”

To think I’m going to have to put up with this end of world garbage for the next 20 odd years. Ahead of us we have 2012, 2039 and probably dozens of other end of the worlds’ that will jump out of no where.

Because the end of the world just does that, appears out of nowhere . . .



I’ll see you later.



Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game, where you can make anything you want, as long as that item is accessible. However, one of the downfalls is the number of items that you are actually allowed to have, which is not as many as you would think. The game costs $10 on its own, but does need a Source based engine to run on, such as; Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) *pack costs $25*, Day of Defeat (DoD), or Half Life (either one of the main games available as the side stories/expansions won’t work). There are many items that are creatable, such as a car (which you can spawn), and then adding some wings, rockets or various other items. Another creation, which I have made personally (and it’s really fun too), is the spawn a giant floor tile, lift it up with the gravity gun, and then attach rockets to the bottom of it, you then put a chair on top, sit in and press the designated button and wah-lah, you are now flipping through the air. Another one that I have seen, is one where you have a pole welded to the ground (yep, I said that), you put a chair in mid-air, attach it with a rope and put a small rocket onto the chair, letting the gravity go on the chair whilst you’re on it, and then starting up the rocket so that the chair swings around the pole, looked quite fun!


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