NeWs! Episode 2

NeWs! Episode 2 was hosted in assembly on the 7th of April 2011.

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In Episode 2 of NeWs! We had the following:
  • Sports Segment on the Rugby Team, (At the end of the day the announcements said, “The Rugby Team Movie Stars have training after school”)
  • Student Interviews, with the questions:  “Skydiving or pole-dancing” , “What was your most embarrassing moment” , “What do you think of Naplan testing,” “What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten,” and “If you were a chicken what would the colour of your first egg be?”
  • the Canteen line – Episode 2
  • Real News, including: “Southern Thailand Flooding – Crocodiles Escape” , “Faulty Surgery, Woman dies after surgery to remove a gall bladder, which had already been removed”, “iPad 2 released” and “Daughter saves mothers life in car” – The news reel at the top and bottom during the show also had other headlines.
You can read the news story scripts here:

  • 1. Last week an elderly woman, aged at 68, died after receiving surgery to remove her gall bladder, which had already been removed 10 years earlier. Ms Walden had her gall bladder removed in 1998, and just recently she was told that she needed to have the same operation again, to remove her gall bladder, according to the doctor who wrote the notes, he was “too busy” at the time of the first surgery, to add the operation to his notes. Investigations are currently being carried out to find out why the doctors managed to remove something, that wasn’t there any more.

  • 2. A Nine year old girl saved her mother’s life by grabbing the wheel of the car, when her mother lost control, her mother, aged 36, lost control of the car nearly colliding head on with poles on the side of the road, alertly the nine year old grabbed the wheel and swerved away from any collisions, before finally smashing into pine trees further on, the woman and her daughter received significant injuries, although had the daughter not intervened, could have been a lot worse.


  • 3. The Floods in southern Thailand resulted in a group of crocodiles escaping from a local zoo, three of the crocodiles in the zoo managed to escape during the floods that swept through, however 2 of these were caught right after they attempted to leave the zoo, the remaining crocodile is still said to be hiding out there somewhere, and zoo workers and local authorities are teaming up to find the last reptile. So far the floods in the south of Thailand have costed over $10 million AUD, and roughly 4 people have been killed.


  • 4. And hundreds of people gathered outside the Apple stores the other week to get their hands on the newly released iPad 2, the line stretched a couple of metres long, and by day two the iPad 2 supply has been twiddled down to a month waiting list.

This show was hosted by:
-Mikayla, Samantha


Next Episode 21th April ANZAC Special

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