Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game, where you can make anything you want, as long as that item is accessible. However, one of the downfalls is the number of items that you are actually allowed to have, which is not as many as you would think. The game costs $10 on its own, but does need a Source based engine to run on, such as; Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) *pack costs $25*, Day of Defeat (DoD), or Half Life (either one of the main games available as the side stories/expansions won’t work). There are many items that are creatable, such as a car (which you can spawn), and then adding some wings, rockets or various other items. Another creation, which I have made personally (and it’s really fun too), is the spawn a giant floor tile, lift it up with the gravity gun, and then attach rockets to the bottom of it, you then put a chair on top, sit in and press the designated button and wah-lah, you are now flipping through the air. Another one that I have seen, is one where you have a pole welded to the ground (yep, I said that), you put a chair in mid-air, attach it with a rope and put a small rocket onto the chair, letting the gravity go on the chair whilst you’re on it, and then starting up the rocket so that the chair swings around the pole, looked quite fun!


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