NeWs! Episode 3

NeWs! Episode 3 was hosted in assembly on the 12th of May 2011, originally it was going to be on the ANZAC day assembly, but it
wasn’t suited to the seriousness of the event.
In Episode 3 of NeWs! We had the following:
  • “How you should use the exercise equipment” Comedy sketch with Ollie and Narran, telling you all how you should correctly use the playgrounds equipment.
  • Randomie – Burger sketch – Featuring Angus and his . . . Angus
  • the Canteen line – Episode 3
  • Real News, including: “iPhone 5 Rumours” , “Flooding in Tasmania”, “iPad 2 released” , “Charlie Sheen’s Stand Up Comedy” , “Prince William planning the Queen’s Funeral” – The news reel at the top and bottom during the show also had other headlines.
Episode Screenshots:

Special thanks to Lionboy2006 on YouTube for granting us the permission to use his Lion video in our show. =)

This show was hosted by:
-Ben, Paul


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