The Move


Hello! Hello! Welcome! Do come in!

What do you get when you grab all the Ben-A-Ball Blogs by their . . . code . . . and slam them all together? You get this, the Ben-A-Ball website,

Now this may come as a bit of a surprise, considering the fact that the Ben-A-Ball blogs just went through a massive theme upgrade, then all of a sudden there’s another upgrade. I am sorry, but now, I’m really excited, and that’s all that matters.

This site all the blogs in one, so you don’t have to navigate through different websites, you have the one-stop-address and you’re here!

What’s the new?

  • Awesome new look, intuitive header and slider for the latest posts
  • More graphics, visual stuff, that make your mind go *swish!*
  • You can now sign up as a user to the website (well, not JUST yet)
  • Access to all the posts from the Ben-A-Ball Blog
  • Touch-Phone friendly, including iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phones
  • When you add to your iPod Touch or iPhone’s homescreen it becomes an application! That’s *swish* times 50!
  • Cool Ben-A-Ball Downloads (not just yet)
  • When you click on an image, it opens it up in pure awesomeness
  • +MORE! THAT I CAN’T really . . . name right now . . .

Put it this way, it’s AWESOME!
Plus this new site is actually a lot easier for me to publish stuff to, that means more content for you! I’m cracking away as we speak!

Enjoy folks.


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