Lead Me

Take my hand dear child,

and i will lead the way,

to a place of desires and mystery,

take you from this world of decay.

There shall be rainbows at every corner,

colour will fill your eyes,

No more crying little child,

Everything they say is lies.

I’ll take you to a place of perfect,

where any dream can come true,

leave this world alone,

Just as it rejected you.

Among all the beauty,

Something isn’t right,

You are a bird dear child,

You must take your flight.

Do not be afraid my sweet,

nothing can hurt you now,

Your eyes are shut, body’s asleep,

You’re safe, this to you i vow.

Awake from this nightmare,

that we all call home.

It crumbles down around us.

Your last flight has been flown.

Signed, Ophelia.

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