An Above Storm

He screamed at the sky, a defined ruby red,

By cause of the wind, nothing seemed said,

His voice became faded, ground into a hiss

He gave up his screams, and clenched his big fists.


Though the rain had halted, all but an hour ago

The pain he was immersed in, was terrible and slow

He then reached over, covering ample wounds,

Give him more time, he’ll flare up again soon.


He lay down and waited, the next oncoming flame,

As if it sprouted it’s way, from a large lion’s mane,

Half of his body was cool, shaded from the light,

Calm and hidden, while the other part lives the fight.


Closing his eyes, he felt the cool air passing,

No longer a burning heat, a feeling, everlasting,

His heart beat was no longer, beating within it’s cage

As his faith grew stronger, he knew he had come of age



Hey guys, Ben ‘ere

So as you would know there’s been a lot of poetry being posted on here at the moment, so I thought I’d post this just to keep everyone in their place. Remind them whose boss. *Giggles*

Nah, they’re all brilliant, and I’m honoured to have such talent producing content for this site.

I’ll be posting one of my proper Blogs later on, probably on the weekend, or sometime next week. Just depends on what luxuries time gives me. Anyways, see you then.

It’s Time for Change

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