The Lavatory and the Rain

Isn’t the rain relaxing?

Other people hate rainy days, I mean who wants to sit inside whilst cold droplets of water pour down all around us making a terrible racket? I’ve heard heaps of people complaining about the weather, “Damn rain, go away!” and such, but I want to know why. Is the rain really that terrible?

I personally believe that the sound of rain is the most pleasant relaxing sound in all of existence, it’s so calm and soothing, when it’s bucketing down outside I feel so encouraged and energized, care free and ready to take on the world from indoors. But when it’s a sunny bright day outside I just feel tired and really just can’t be bothered doing anything. So what is it about rainy days that everyone hates? Do you hate rainy days? Comment and let me know your thoughts on them.

I mean, I can understand that perhaps because it’s dark and gloomy, grey and droomy [Shhh, thats a word . . .] that maybe the colours make them feel sad, depressed even. These dark grey clouds looming over, blocking out the yellow golden light of the sun, which normally keeps us warm and lifts our morale. This would make sense, because light and colour does effect our emotions quite considerably, I mean the whole reason that McDonalds, KFC and Hungry Jacks use the colour red in their logo is because red is a colour that triggers apetite, makes you hungry, it also looks pretty posh when you put a burger in front of it. I just thought about Mexican bullfighters while talking about the colour red advertising food . . . don’t know why (giggles).

As I said before though, I actually like the rain, it’s so . . . reposing, and it looks so elegant as it splashes against the windows and builds up a sort of ‘waterfall/snowball’ effect, then clinging onto it’s comrades as it slides down the transparent crystal surface to drip down onto the ground. The whooshing sound of the rain gurgling down the guttering, the rain hitting the roof with a magical whisper and beat.

It’s things like the rain, that just make my day.

This is where I ruin the mood of the entire post, because I reveal to you why this post is called The Lavatory and the Rain . . . well, thank god I’m typing this, watching me try to explain this in person would be a bit awkward. No I’m kidding it’s not that bad.

Have you ever gone to the lavatory, sat down, done your business and then just sat there. Occupying the bathroom for no reason other than to just sit there and, sit. [no pun intended] Just sitting, thinking, whatever it is. For some people it may be texting or whatnot, whatever it is, humans seem to want to have a silent resting moment after a long day, and a long  . . . sit . . . [no pun inte . . . oh nevermind]

During this moment I didn’t think, I just . . . relaxed. The rain outside showering against the window, a calm breeze could be heard blowing outside, along the chirping song from hundreds of bugs and wildlife playing in the cool nighttime air. A natural orchestra, playing a song of pure life. Calm extravagant life. I know that I’ve been trying not to say this word again in this post, but it’s the only word to describe it.

Relaxing. It’s lovely and magical . . . and doesn’t cost $500+

Then I looked down and said, “Oh s____”

JOKING! Gees . . .


Well, catch you later. May your toilet-seated dreams come true . . .




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