The Tasmanian Goverment has destroyed the education life

Lately there have been rumours of that there are schools that are going to be closed because of supposed loss of money. Pfft rubbish. Like that has ever been a viable excuse except for when stealing. The government is saying that any schools that don’t keep a high attendance will “kick the bucket”. That’s purely ridiculous in any language. How many students have to suffer because of an governments intolerance to misery?


Please comment on what you feel should be done to stop this hideous act.


It’s Time for Change

Warning: The topic of this post is very heavily debated, and some may be offended. Reader’s discretion is advised. Hello, and welcome to another Benaball blog post. Sit back, get some snacks. This will be…


    Whoa that’s some political bias you’ve got there Brendan. Also I struggle to understand a word you said in that entire paragraph.
    So you know, personally it annoys me that they seem to think cutting schools is the only option. Tiny schools have their advantages and disadvantages. The state government *is* under pressure to find some million dollars before a certain date, which definitely has something to do with it. The problem with all this politics rubbish is that any move is going to be the wrong one. I don’t judge the government too harshly because no doubt they could be forced onto an even worse decision by bowing to negative public opinion. Not that I have seen or heard ANY alternatives to this at all other than ‘oh look at the government! Such fools! Why would they do that to you poor, poor people? We wouldn’t do that, no, no…’

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