Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

Howling screams, blood stains all over me

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

I’m out for blood, don’t try and stop me!!!

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease!

My fists are clenched so hard

My nails are piercing my skin

The transformation is almost complete

This is where it begins



“Arise my child, demon within me,

from the darkened cracks in my heart

out of this brutal wreck- this broken love-

and into my world, where we shall walk as one.

To rupture the hearts, shatter the lungs

And to rip apart the flesh of those putrid maggots

Who dare to abuse me.

We shall have our revenge.

No one shall be spared.

Every one must DIE!!!!!!”

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably

Howling screams, blood stains all over me

Violent convulsions, I shake uncontrollably


“Paybacks a bitch baby”


the calm before the storm

Lurking in the distance,

The new me is born

My dark red eyes

My wing-ridden limbs

The transformation is complete

Now it begins!

The sickness is coming

It’s taking over me

The sickness, it’s happening

This is my disease

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me bloodshed)

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me tears)

I’m out for blood!

(Bring me vengeance)

I’m out for blood!

(For all those years)


A Random Story About a Pea.

This story is about a pea that grew up in a pod.

A green one he was, by the name of Michael.

His pod was home to 3 other peas- Daniel, Jace and Corey-  and the pod grew in a field somewhere in the country.

From a tiny pea to a large pea, he grew for several weeks with his buddies beside him.

Then, it all changed in an instant.

He felt the pod get yanked off the plant it was attached to, and light poured into his home.

He was separated from his pod and thrown into a container, filled with many other peas, all from different pods.

Where was he? Where were his pod-mates? He looked and he found 2 of them, but Jace was gone.

He couldn’t get to the other two, the noise was horrific. Who did this?

The humans. Their tractors rumbled through the field, and the container he was in was thrown into one of them.

He was laying there for several minutes, then was put into an even bigger container and put in a truck. All was dark……


The next thing he knew, he was being taken out of the truck, and snap-frozen. He couldn’t move, but he could see.

He saw massive machines, hundreds of peas being put into packets a hundred times the size he was.

Daniel and Corey were no where to be seen. They were possibly in packets of their own, already in boxes destined for the supermarket.

He was put into a packet, and he passed out.


He woke, the atmosphere cold around him. He still couldn’t move. Still frozen, in a freezer.

He felt movement. The packet was taken out of the freezer, into a trolley of a lady named Jane.


Back into a freezer again. No sound from the peas around him. It was dark.

He sat there for hours, wondering, wondering what would happen to him.


Light was around him. He hadn’t known he had fallen asleep. He wished he still was.

Heat. Heat was everywhere. The sizzling of fry-pans was loud. What was going to happen??

He was jerked side ways. Out of the packet, and into a pot of boiling water. Ouch.

All he heard was screaming. He realised with a start that one of the voices belonged to Corey, his former pod-mate.

All he felt was the burn from the water. His very inside was over-heating. Michael wished it would stop.

It did. Luckily, Jane liked her peas cooked only for a short time.


He was bruised when he hit the plate. He was still burning. He smelt the odours of other dead veggies, and animals.

Pepper was put onto him. The poor guys had their insides crushed. YUCK.

He saw Corey get stabbed with a metal object. Then he was gone, and Micheal looked up.

Humans. They were eating them.

He was scooped onto the object, a fork. He saw the human’s mouth coming toward him.

He wished with a tear in his eye for the safe pod that used to be his home. It was too late, as his life was about to end.

He screamed.

Hotel S***house

Verse 1:

Went through years of hell

To arrive in this hostel

To describe this place as ***

Would Be a compliment to it

The vending machines are broken as far as I can tell

Across the scummy rooms that smell

Verse 2:

This place is full of scum

It was turned down by a bum

There is so much to discover

That’s if you ever recover

To give it four stars would be dumb

Yet it’s possible for some


This is hotel s***house (hotel s***house)

Hello and welcome to hotel s***house

We’re always here at hotel s***house

Can’t get away from hotel s***house

*evil laugh*


Verse 3:


Dinner is on the floor

Meals are never a bore

Plastic seems quite nice

Meals repeated twice

Rubber Schnitzel and corn

Hell has been re-born


Verse 4:

Privacy is a lie

The smell makes me cry

Showers are always cold

Everything is growing mould

It brings me tears to my eyes

When people see my thighs





The gutter looks better than the beds in here

The bus pulls up and we scream in fear

The school bell sounds and I tear off my ears

Nobody knows what it’s like in here

Guitar Solo



This song was written when I was in Melbourne about the awful accommodation that the school gave to us… It was a place called the “Melbourne Discovery Centre”  It’s a youth hostel and if you go to Melbourne, unless you wan’t to be scarred for life, I don’t recommend you stay there…

This song does have a part for musical instruments but seeing as I cannot be bothered recording it yet, you won’t here it for a while… Please enjoy the lyrics 🙂

The Student’s Guide to Being a Good Teacher

This post was written awhile ago, but not posted. . . my apologies, but that’s why some things may seem a bit weird.


Good day!

Well, uh . . . no, actually it’s a Thursday, so let’s pretend I never said ‘Good day’. The reason I say this is because my Thursdays happen to have the worst selection of lessons possible. Almost as if one mongrel of a man wearing a suit on the top of some education department skyscraper thought, “Oooh, these look like the worst possible selection of lessons possible,” and then he wrote them all down for my Thursday agenda.

No the real reason it kind of sucks that it’s a Thursday is that tomorrow is a student free day. Not that student free days aren’t good, I’m all for them, I’d just appreciate it if they didn’t happen to fall on my good days all the time. No offense to my History teacher, but I don’t like ending the week with a double period of your expertise.

Anyways! Back to the propper grit of this post, just as the title suggests, this is going to be a ‘little’ guide to being a good teacher. What do I mean by “The Student’s Guide to Being A Good Teacher”? Well I’m going to be talking about the kinds of things that students tend to respect in a teacher, just by observation, seeing the classes in which students play up and muck around, and then seeing the classes that they sit down do the work and act their age. (But then again, after a health lesson yesterday, I may disagree with my own hypothesis)

If you’re a student and you’re reading this, then well, there’s a few things you could be thinking right now. If you’re one of those lovely bogan twits that we are all so ‘privelledged’ to be accompanied by . . . then I’m sorry, but you must be incredibly ill, because you wouldn’t be on this website reading blog posts, you’d be out in the street, swearing, causing a public nuisance and generally being a pain for your own simplistic entertainment. But if you’re one of the few students that are actually capable of maintaining a thought process, well, welcome.

(Sorry about that rather bizarre paragraph, it’s the result of a bogan today that was picking on a friend of mine with on of the few words that he can remember.)

Let’s get started then . . .

So what do students like about teachers?
What are the things that make students “shhhh” and listen?

– Age
The first thing that appears to have the biggest impact on a student’s attentiveness is the age of the teacher, the younger the teacher, the better ‘connected’ the class feels. (Although, as I’ve made quite clear in an earlier post, I don’t really like the students to be ‘on-par’ with the teacher) Whether it’s to do with the mental maturity of the teacher and the students being simliar, or whether it’s the way they look, or the the way they act, it’s an interesting factor.
But then again, having said this, having a teacher that’s really strict, old or young, seems to keep everyone in par.

– Appearance
As sad as this is to hear, unfortunately many people do in fact judge by appearance, no matter how many times you say the “book by it’s cover” metaphor people will still continue to discriminate by aesthetics, this is especially particularly common in most school kids, and it plays another major role in a students opinion and behavior.

If a teacher walks in in crisp cut clothes, grey, dark or “drab” as they say, there’ll be a first opinion obviously, perhaps that they’re strict and wont take no for an answer. Their stride into the classroom may also contribute to the accusation. Things like physical appearance, clothing, hairstyle, shoes . . . these things, strangely, contribute to how the students react to the teacher.
But! It appears that the judgement of appearance can be counteracted by the personality, I’ve sat in classes where the relief teacher was laughed at upon entry, but once they started talking the class shut up, listened and respected them.

– Attitude (towards work)

Students really like the teachers that don’t make you do any work. This is so obvious that it’s a no-brainer . . . this is why in most cases, students will enjoy the presence of a relief teacher. Relief teachers usually have little work to give out, and they don’t use discipline when the class starts misbehaving. (Some DO use discipline, but it doesn’t necessarily have the effect that it should)


These are some key points about what students tend to respect when it comes to teachers, if I were to explain what a teacher would have to do for respect, in a few numbered points, it would be:

  1. Be social with your students, if your students know more about you they’ll see you as a person, rather than ‘a teacher’ . . . for some reason it appears that teachers tend to be alienated against. Before we continue, on the behalf of all intellectual kids out there, I can’t say that teachers are always seen as another species, this is merely an event that can happen quite a lot with the average students.
  2. Talk about things your students are interested in, this is a rather annoying one. But If you share similar interests with your students, you can get along a lot better. I’m not saying go learn about AFL, nail polish, latest fashion, how to smoke, motorbiking, fishing, computer games and whatever else it is your students do, that would be ridiculous. Find something to talk about that’s generally interesting to everyone, in most situations talking about funny moments in your life, funny things that have happened to your friends or what you think the future will hold, will normally interest the majority. Technology is also one that can interest quite a few teenagers, as mobile devices are a large part of their lives.”
Now of course, I’m us students aren’t telepathic masterminds, so I can’t really talk ENTIRELY with the opinions of my “brethren.” I have merely tried to write from observation, a little bit about what I think this whole teacher respect thing is about.
It’s interesting which teachers have a really good relationship with their students, and which ones don’t.
Thanks for reading!

The City of Fallen Angels

 Yes I know, I have been on a  posting marathon with this…….. anyway, this book is number 4 of the Mortal  Instruments  and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, as the previous book was  excellent; this  book, nah.

Enough dwelling on how the book is in comparison to the others. This book is the  continuation of the war of Downworlders and Shadow Hunters against the ruthless    Demons and Valentine’s servants. Even though Valentine himself is dead, his influence is  still around.

With Clary’s best friend underestimating his ability to resist blood, he his constantly  fighting with the temptation to be what he is- a Vampire. After biting an innocent 14 year  old, he realises even though he wants to live a normal life, he has to consider the  Vampire  side of him too.

This is the Blurb on the back of the book:


Clary is back in New York and life is good: she’s training to be a Shadowhunter and is finally able to call Jace her boyfriend. But nothing comes without a price. When Jace inexplicably begins to pull away from her, Clary is forced to acknowledge that she herself has set in motion a chain of events that could lead to the loss of everything she loves. Even Jace.


Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and Warlocks.  A new world. Even a bit of romance. What else could you expect from a legendary series of books??

Author- Cassandra Clare

Age Recommendation- Teenagers

Rating- 9/10

Combat Arms – Review

Sporting a registered player count of over 5 million, Combat Arms is a free tactical online First Person Shooter by the company Nexon. Renowned for producing one of the world’s first graphic MMORPGs, Nexon gets its money by offering these free multiplayer games, with payable upgrades, there are always new items being added to the game along with a plentiful supply of updates.

The graphics are nothing to be sneered at either! There are numerous game play modes available, and the 5 million registered users guarantees you a game. Another thing to be noted is the servers, quite a few of them too! Best thing is I haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever, this definitely makes the game play a lot more fun.

2 kills in a row?! Go newbie me!
Now although this game is really quite addictive, there are a lot of aspects that could easily encourage you to just uninstall it and start playing WarSow or Alien Arena.The first problem, is there is absolutely no offline play at all, unless the game is cradled in the arms of an internet connection, you’re not going to have any shooting fun at all, the second problem is you can’t run the game from the start menu, in order to play the game you have to create an account at Nexon’s website and press a giant red “Play” button on the main page. This then taps into your computer and runs Combat Arms, which really sucks!

The hideous start up process
Finally, the last problem, is with the time it takes from pressing the play button, to finally getting into the game, and playing a match. Nexon releases ludicrous amounts of updates, while this can be good, it really spoils your itchy trigger finger mood watching this screen waiting up to an hour as updates stream through and install.

Just standing still in a match, as you do.
Overall it really is a great game once you’re in and playing, but the fact that it practically takes days to open the game really ruins it for me. I can’t jump in and start playing right away like I can in a game like Cube.Going onto the website, logging in, pressing the play button, waiting while the browser tries to access the game on your computer, waiting for the updates to download and install, waiting for the included cheat protection engine to turn on . . . it’s just too much hassle.


[review pros=”Great gameplay, always players online, neat game modes and no lagging” cons =”People that pay money have a better advantage, incredibly slow start-up time, too many updates downloading all the time, you can’t run the game from the start menu, no offline gameplay, item store sucks” score=65]


Hope you enjoyed the review folks.




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