Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie

Nintendo 64 / Xbox 360 Review

By  Crimson

Haven’t got really far in to this game but it’s retro  gold. You play as a bear with a backpack  that is inhabited by a female bird  called Kazooie.
The bear (Banjo) has to save his sister from the evil Gruntilda (one of the most evil villans in retro gaming ever) with the help of  the bird .

For its time ,the graphics are really good.  The game is all so available on Xbox 360.

BANJO KAZOOIE : N 64 – XBOX 360 Comparison

Highly recommended

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Some More Poetry

The Tormented

The rock is chilly, frozen to his core,

His heart never beats, tormented beyond help,


He twists his head, staring lonely at the wind,

a gull screams, the sea breeze calls,


He cracks once…, twice… he falls,

The Sea swallows him, He bubbles an angry bellow,


He struggles to the surface, Bubbles explode rampaging free,

He hits the oily surface, exhausting himself,

His frail body gently sinks, he cannot breathe,

He screams a pain stricken cry, then lies softly but looking faintly at the stars above.

Some Poetry

My son,

A ratbag snivelling little runt,

He can’t help putting his nose everywhere,

So many times they called,


My son,

Wicked troubling modest evil,

Why does he do all the bad things,

Why every single time,


My son,

Single daring mutant loner,

He couldn’t help himself no matter what,

I had to do something,


My son,

Sad misunderstood colossal selfish,

The window cracked…

I cracked…

One single-minded determination swallowed me,

It hit him,


My son,

Sharp-tongued witty weird disturbed,

They came with flashing lights and blue clothes,

He lied,

I lied,

He deserved justice…


It hit him


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