How to Research a Game to See How Good it is

You see games in the shops, the ones that everyone are playing and you have seen the ad’s and heard about the gameplay and etc, then you think to yourself whats so good about this game. Well I had to put up with this endless talk about Skyrim and Black Ops and to be honest there not my favourite games. I like fighting games like Tekken and platformers like the first 3 Crash bandicoot games. Well Street fighter X Tekken is out now and of course i am buying it but before, but is it worth 100$? Well first we check out some gameplay.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay

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And now we check to see who has a review on it, like IGN For example  Well they rated it good its editors choice. ok now we see, it’s a good game and its worth 100$, we looked at the gameplay video and it had smooth fighting and good graphics, but it doesn’t mean its a good game so we checked the review for the game. its got a good review so now we check how much we have to fork out, 100$ totally worth it. ok i got the game and now its time to play some Street fighter X tekken.

Review by Ign, game by capcom and namco and video by capcom unity videos.


Street Fighter X Tekken news


Street Fighter X Tekken is nearly upon us, with its cartoon-like graphics it will feature Street Fighter, as well as Tekken, hence the name of the game. It will come out on the 360 and the PS3 this coming March, I reckon it’s going to be pretty expensive, but it will be worth it.

For more news on the game go to the official website.

Rayman Origins

Rayman origins is the first 2d game to ever come out on a console in years, people say its not that good that 2d sucks and 3D is better. This game suprised me because all of them people who said such things about this game are loosers. Rayman 2 was one of the games i could rember renting from a video shop to play on my ps1, it had good graphics for its time it was colourfull and it was challenging. I became a fan that day, i knew this game wouldent be that bad. Well despite its name it actually based after the third rayman game just years later or somthing like that anyway its not a prequal to the first three its actually a sequal to them. Its got 60+ LEVELS!!! Most games have 25 to 30 levels plus it gets much, much harder through out the game. Most platoform games now stay easy all the way through, like the new crash and spyro games and another thing  rayman is still fun to play becuase its still owned by there founding owners (Ubsoft) also the game has changed a lot its four player and you get to play as globox and them two little blue anoying guys wich there names are on the tip of my tounge. Its 2d like i said. Rayman can’t shoot his fist as far and its a fast past game.

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Candlefuse – Fighter Lyrics

I’m holding on to everything they want to take away

I’m standing strong against the grain
Against the words they say
I’m falling from the way of man
And crawling there to stay
I’m letting go of me
Greater is He that lives within meI’m a fighter strong and brave
Won’t you run with me?
I’m pursuing a life of faith
Because I believe

Stranded, no strength to pray
But I can’t walk away
No reason to be afraid
Gotta take a stand and be the man
That I’m supposed to be

I will hold my head up high
I will sing this battle cry

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie

Nintendo 64 / Xbox 360 Review

By  Crimson

Haven’t got really far in to this game but it’s retro  gold. You play as a bear with a backpack  that is inhabited by a female bird  called Kazooie.
The bear (Banjo) has to save his sister from the evil Gruntilda (one of the most evil villans in retro gaming ever) with the help of  the bird .

For its time ,the graphics are really good.  The game is all so available on Xbox 360.

BANJO KAZOOIE : N 64 – XBOX 360 Comparison

Highly recommended

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Quake III Revolution

Blasting aliens and cyborgs isn’t easy, but this game sure makes it look like it is.

Quake III Arena and Quake III Revolution are only a little bit different from each other.  Quake III Revolution has a campaign mode, while Quake III Arena doesn’t.  It’s basically a first person shooter with no story and you’re in various arenas versing various human, creature or robot opponents.
You point, shoot and well . . . you get the point.

Screenshot above from GameSpot (

It may sound boring but Quake is what got me in to first person shooters in the first place, well, that and Perfect Dark.  Quake III Revolution is the first game I bought in this genre and I find it to be satisfying, mindless fun.

Good Game

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