Why Photographers don’t like Zorb Balling

I wrote this Story as a a part of my Creative Writing Class. I was handed the Homework last wednesday, and finished it about 10 minutes ago. I was working on this for literally no more than 20-30 minutes. We chose a picture each that was up front of the classroom, my one was a picture of a sunrise with a Zorb Ball in the middle of the screen. We are told to write from the point of view of the photographer. Have a read of this, its not very good, but it might be. Enjoy, Maybe.

As many of you readers know, I have been on a circumnavigation of New Zealand armed with nothing more than $2000, clothing and my film camera along with 10 Rolls of Film. As today was my last day before heading back down under I decided I should go and take a photo to sum it all up. 

To set the scene, I had 1 exposure left on my film this morning and the previous day I spied a spot where the sunrise would look absolutely magic. As it was a public holiday yesterday and too early for any shops this morning, I couldn’t get hold of any more film. I decided to make the effort, and get up before the crack of dawn to shoot a beautiful landscape for use in my gallery.
I was atop the hill by 5:00am, the sun was scheduled to rise at around 5:30. I made sure the camera was set-up exactly as required. Tripod, F/8, 1/60 Second. All was ready to go. All that was left was the sun to be in exactly the right position and BAM, I would fire. It was just after the entire sun appeared. I had my eyes shut because of the brightness, I opened them at that moment and looked over the white sands below, it was beautiful. I knew for sure that I was on an award-winning shot. I shut my eyes, Pushed the button, then kept my eyes shut for another 10 seconds, to savour that winning feeling inside. My journey was complete, I survived for 20 Days, and had used the last of my 10 rolls of film. I had won.

I was so excited about seeing the winning shot. I knew that no Photo-Labs were open for at least another 3-4 hours. I calmed myself down and then went for a cuppa and breakfast. Read the paper cover to cover just so I could whittle away some hours until that magic time of 9:00 when the Camera Shop Opened. When that clock ticked over I jumped and ran… Across the road to the camera shop. I walked up to the desk and announced triumphantly “Caaaan I get just the last exposure on this roll developed please?” the Lady behind the counter replied “You Certainly can, $2.80 Please!”. The longest 5 seconds of my life then took place as I opened my wallet to find nothing but a Ferry Ticket from Last Week. I was Flat Broke. I used my last $5 on that DAMN coffee. I explained to the lady how much it meant to me and she eventually gave in and said that I could have the photo for free. I could have kissed her at this point, it saved my day. I drooled over some cameras for the next 5 minutes or so then she returned, print in hand. I was about to see the most amazing photo of my life time.

“No. This is not my photo. There has been a mistake.”
“This is certainly your photograph sir.”
I walked out in disbelief. That “Zorb” Ball rolled directly through the middle of the photo. Blocking out the beach and white sands completely. I didn’t even see it. Damn my closed eyes. I walked in silence still staring at that photo the entire way to the airport. Cars and people were rushing by. Yeah, I had some other nice shots I think from the trip, but none were as good as this one would have been. I am sitting here, some 35,000 feet over the Tasman Sea still in disbelief, but writing this blog post. I will get over it. One day, but not today.

 So, What did you think??? Let me know down below. Cheers, Sam

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