Paranormal Activity – The Real-Life Version

Ever been to Port Arthur? You know, the massive all-male, maximum security prison on the Tasman Peninsula that closed back in 1877? Well, recently I got to go to Port Arthur on a school camp, with a mass of Grade 7s…

Anyway, the camp included a ghost tour of the Port Arthur historic site. I enthusiastically went along on the tour, hoping to see something out of the ordinary, even a slight glimpse of a figure (or ghost). But of course, you will have to find out later on, as if I tell you now it would destroy the “suspense” and excitement…

Our tour guide was dressed in a long, black trench coat which made him look quite scary when you looked from a distance. With only 3 lamps to light our way, we started to walk across the parade ground.

“Now now kids, just remember there are no things intentionally put in the buildings that will scare you, and there are no people dressed up to test your bravery!!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course I am sure! Never fear, your guide is here!”

Now, obviously we were all either 12-13 or 15-16 years old, so our “bravery” in these sorts of situations is quite high. Though on second thought, if you are petrified of the dark or paranormal “activity,” I suggest you stay well away from Port Arthur at night.

The guide told us stories of the weird things that happen there at night. He told us of things that the convicts endured, things that the guards did, even things that shouldn’t even be mentioned on this kind of tour!

We reached the house of the Man at Arms and his family. We went up to the door… and then…


“What is wrong young man?!”

“I shined my torch in the window of the house and saw a man looking straight back at me…”

Well maybe not, but it was a story that lead up to us entering the house. What a nightmare, the girls gave out a whimper at every creek, every brush of their shoulders etc. After a little story, we left…


Wait, wait was that????

Now, I don’t want to spoil the tour for you if you have never been on one. Therefore, I will not tell you exactly what each story was about. Yeah, I know, you hate me now. I forgive you…

Anyway! Back to the story!

Walking across the hill, passing a house that is not far from the ruins of the hospital, and the guide tells us yet another story. It is pitch black now, and nearly everyone is huddling close to another person.

The guide tells us of a man and a girl who were staying in the top floor of the house we were facing. One night, the girl wakes her father up to tell him that she has heard a person walking around downstairs. The man grabs a torch, walks down the stairs and…


A possum, making a loud screeching noise that oddly enough sounded like a girl screaming. The whole lot of us yelled and huddled into one massive group, with the teachers trying to assure us that it was only a natural call from a native Australian animal… Good work guys! Bravo at making us feel better!!

After he finished the story, we go into the hospital. Once again, another story. I see nothing.

This continues for the majority of the tour. We go into the Penitentiary, (where we actually get to sit down) and we still see no paranormal beings anywhere in the vicinity… until we cross the bridge to the Parade Ground and face the “Isle of the Dead.” The guide begins to tell us about the Isle of the Dead, how 1100 people were buried there, and that a man used to be a grave-digger on the island.

Suddenly, I hear several people behind me whispering about something in the window of the hospital up on the hill. I look around and there, in the middle of the window, was a tall, white figure staring down at us. Silently.

After that, pretty much the whole group started to realise that there was actually a ghost clearly visible. I tell my friends about it, they look, get scared etc. We finish the tour and walk back to the visitor centre. Then, it started to move. It turned to its left, and walked away.

My friends all started to swear, and ran like chickens with their heads cut off. The figure slowly moved out of existence and vanished. Returning to the visitor centre, we all received a certificate stating that with great bravery and courage we had completed the tour. I then asked the guide whether he had seen the figure in the window, and he said that he had not.

So there is my freaky experience for you. Every tour is different though, so you can’t say I spoiled it for you!!!

Until my next post,


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