NeWs! Compatible

Hello folks,

Just a quick post testing a few new features of the website.

  • First off you’ll notice that the Ben-A-Ball website has received a makeover, it’s now more compatible and less glitchy. It also works on mobile devices far better now.
  • There is now a new ’Quick Post’ option in the sidebar, I actually used it to write this post, so, yeah… If you want to be quick.
  • Better ratings system, I’ve replaced the old star rating system with a better one, also you can now rate comments
  • Universal activity feed, click the ’Activity’ button in the lower menu to see what everyone on the site is doing
  • Fixed categories, also added the ’Productions’ category to the top bar
  • Ben-A-Ball to NeWs! user share. Now you can log into the NeWs! website with your Ben-A-Ball account, you can also log into Ben-A-Ball using your NeWs! account. But in a less confusing manner, think of it this way. Now the NeWs! website and the Ben-A-Ball website share the same users.
  • Built-in Time Travel, users can now travel back in time, just send me a blood sample in the mail, followed by all your banking details and we’re good to go. (I kinda missed out on April fool-ing people… so, there we go. IT’S A JOKE, though money would be nice.)

Well I think that’s it,

Have to go… good day!