Future Vision

Despite the fact this post’s title is written in a way probably susceptible to having ‘meaning,’ it’s actually very literal.  Vision as in actual sight, it’s not to do with what I believe the future will be like, though since we’re on the topic I think it will be very, very tech filled.

I started thinking about this awhile ago, to do with the vision we have as kids and how it develops as we get older.  This idea was reimbursed with ‘juice’ last week on the bus ride home when I completely lost my peripheral vision.  It’s back now, I can see, but it was incredibly strange, I’ve never experienced anything like it before.  The ironic thing is that on this very day we’d actually had an inspirational blind guitarist come by our school as a guest speaker. His name is Lorin Nicholson, and he told us about how he’d overcome the challenges of being blind, but I’m straying slightly off topic.

Back to my vision, not my admissions, vision! Eyesight!  I was sitting on the bus when I noticed that my vision had turned funny, you know how normally when you look at a bright light the image gets implanted into your eyes? At first I thought it was just that, I’d looked out the window, turned away then was waiting for my vision to come back.  But it didn’t, and I soon noticed that it was different, when I looked at someone I couldn’t see their face clearly, imagine pouring streaks of PVA glue across your computer monitor.  These weird patches in my eyesight that were gone.

Within a few minutes it changed even more, quickly my peripheral vision on the left side of my face completely vanished.  It didn’t go black like when you close your eyes, it was strange, it was just blurry beyond recognition.  I held my hand at the side of my face and waved it around and I couldn’t see it, it was the weirdest thing, I have never experienced anything like it before… or have I?

This is where the talk about childhood that I briefly mentioned earlier comes into it. “to do with the vision we have as kids and how it develops as we get older”

How well do you remember your childhood? Because the reason it may feel magic, different, is because the way you once experienced this world, is different to the way you experience it now.  A teacher at my school said that we fully develop our peripheral vision at around the age of 7… though I haven’t been able to clarify this information online, the resources I came across told another story… Anyhow, vision is one way we perceive our world, our vision develops from the moment we’re born, followed by our peripheral vision, then we can see rough shapes.  We see the world in a different light, if our vision was different we would experience this entire world completely differently.

If you’re sitting in a dark gloomy blue-coloured room, it will directly affect your experience, your emotions, completely differently than if you were sitting in a bright warm coloured room.  In fact one of the reasons I warm up the scene in ‘Vlog my Blog’ is to make it feel more comfortable, to make it a more happy experience… though some could argue that isn’t working.

Well, I’m tired.

I think I’m going to have a nap. With my eyes closed…



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