Generation Z.

Good day!!
Just wanted to say hello. That is all.
Thank you, from Fester.

No. No no no.

This is not the end of the post, I was only fooling you. Evil trickery I say. You must all hate me. But it occurs to me that you are still reading. So, continue to do so. You will be surprised… *evil laughter*.

Setting aside my brief display of my juvenile-self, which is coincidently a lead-on to what this post is about, I wanted to bring to people’s attention that a lot (but not all) of the world’s teenage populace is rapidly bringing about the new meaning of being “world-changers,” but in a negative way. I mean, what is becoming of Generation Z? 

For those who do not know, Generation Z are the people born from the year 1995 – 2010. We have the potential to change the world. Doesn’t necessarily mean that we will.

For starters, text talking through social media, and even face-to-face conversation!! For example, using unnecessary abbreviations such as “fml,” “ly,” etc. that most teens should be aware of…

“This is such a bad day for me. Fml.”

“Naww, I feel sorry for you. Ly.”


This is just an example of the sort of things you see on Facebook, Twitter etc. Are we really falling into a world full of educated, but literally frog-minded people? You got to a book store these days (ones that haven’t already closed down) or a library, and you will rarely see a teenager trying to find a book from their favourite series. You will mainly see adults, or young children looking at books. Though in a library, there are usually computers. On those computers, there usually are… yep, you got it. Young children and teenagers taking up all the computers, drooling over Facebook or internet games.

If we were to walk into a perfect classroom, we would see people sitting at their desks, writing away on their latest piece of writing and even some on a computer typing their story out because they may have a weakness with their writing. We would see people with their noses in a book and the teacher happily walking around the classroom, treating the students as independent learners. That is a good classroom.

Yet, when you walk into a typical high-school classroom, you might see a few on a computer playing games when the teacher has their back turned. You would see a group of kids having a private conversation, and a small minority of students actually trying to get their work done. Not to mention that the teacher would be watching the students like a hawk, trying to enforce the school policies…

“Tom, get off the games!!”
“Ben and Brendan, leave your socialising until recess!!”
“Sam, get on with your work. Stop putting graffiti through your books!”
“Class, I am waiting. We are going into your lunchtime now!”

A normal occurrence in classrooms these days right?

I know, I am possibly boring your pants off at the moment or maybe I am being a bit amusing… or sounding like a teacher. Possibly the third choice.

Ok, even by writing this post I admit, I do have a tendency to use computers and gaming consoles for my leisure time… I am a teenager. BUT, I do put school first…

Also, the adults that have talked to me in the past – mostly teachers and family – have told me that they are appalled at the way teenagers in particular use the English language. I really do sound like a teacher… Tyler, have you taken your meds today?

May I just add, that by you reading this post proves that you are capable of having the patience to get this far through a piece of writing. You are officially awesome!!

Until my next rant,