Holidays… Fun.

Hello there, fellow beings…

So it’s the holidays, a  supposedly relaxing period of time where you are free to do anything you want. Who’s enjoying themselves? Are you going to town every second day to socialize with friends, going to the beach every other day just because you can? Well, good on ya’ for having a relaxing lifestyle.

My holidays have been composed of work, homework, a small amount of socializing and a bit of casual-solo gaming. I would like to thank my English teacher for giving the class 2 essays to complete over our precious 2-week break. It is our time for relaxation, not time to deal with school.

Moving on from that,  this post is already presenting the idea of our ‘normal’, holiday routine. Not trying to be rude to anyone, but some spocky-nerds like me prefer to be indoors pondering over life while the popular ones spend their break with a massive social group… ahh, this is going nowhere.

I need a program. Not a piece of software that you can  use code to manipulate to your needs, but a schedule that is ridden of school and stress – I want to be me.

My brain says, “Game and surf the web until you drop dead from Vitamin D deficiency!” Yet my parents tell me nearly everyday to exercise and get some sun.


“Tyler, get your arse outside and get some fresh air. Even better go for a long walk!”

 “You are pale. You feeling alright? Get some sunshine.”

“Get off the Xbox!”

“Square eyes…”

That is just some of the things that have been said to me over the last few days, and in the past by my immediate and extended family. Who cares if I am sixteen and at the time in life where I need to exercise to prepare my body for future life. I do karate for 1 and a half hours a week, I walk to work 2 nights a week… isn’t that enough?

Hold your horses, before you people with ‘healthy’ lifestyles scroll down to the bottom of this post with advice on what I should be doing in terms of exercise, you should read the next bit of writing.

I am healthy. I just have a lifestyle of being lazy… =P

Ah well. Seems that we can’t have everything we want. If I could have the body of a god and have the metabolism that allows me to put on NO weight, I would be satisfied.

OKAY. I will stop.

Are holidays different for everyone? Yes they are. I have been told that I am being thrown outside and cleaning up the backyard this weekend, oh joy.

Thanks for reading this disorganised piece of writing. Next time I post, I will have some sort of structure… hopefully.

Until next time, unless I am being tossed into supposedly beneficial lifestyle that has no end,


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