Selby Snaps!

Selby Snaps!
By Duncan Ball
Selby in all new adventures.
On one adventure Selby snaps back in time with Mrs. Trifle, Dr. Trifle and Percy Peach.
Can he keep his secret from them? Or will it slip out?
Also Selby is taken by a tribe who treat him like a king.
But he wants to go back to the Trifles.
Can he evade them? Or will he choose to stay?
And Selby also lets his secret slip. While looking at a dog in the pet shop window.
A pet shop owner captures him and is planning to sell him for big money.
Will he ever see the Trifles again?


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Selby’s Stardom

Selby’s Stardom
By Duncan Ball
Selby the talking dog goes to Hollywood to go in a Multi-Million dollar movie.
Keeping his Secret might be tough.
But so far it’s great! He loves acting and watching the other actors.
But when he finds out that he no longer can be in the movie he gets in the Limo and sets off back home to Bougusville.
But can this talking dog stop his departure?
Also there is other stories in the book.
Including one where Selby is worried about giving his secret away,
while sleep talking . . .

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Just Shocking!

Just Shocking By Andy Griffiths.
The stories in the book are well . . . Shocking!
The Chapters:
Fun with a fire hose-
What mischief can Andy and Danny get into with a fire hose?
Listen to their conversation as they discuss what they could do with a fire hose.
I am a Ro-bot-
Andy Pretends to be a robot to annoy his sister.
And so far his pretending is getting the better of Jen.
But as Andy discovers maybe being a robot isn’t so good after all.
Balloons Of Doom-
You control the ending of this story.
Your sister is having her 15th birthday tomorrow and you decided to blow up
15 balloons to surprise her with.
But hey! Blowing up balloons is fun!
What could possibly go wrong . . .
Unfunniest Home Video-
Andy and Danny are filming for a chance to win
‘Australia’s Funniest Home Videos’
But what happens when Andy purposely makes Danny fall off a ladder?
Is the joke now on him?
101 Really Dangerous Things-
101 Really Dangerous things, I advise not to
 attempt any single one of them.
Whether it’s throwing a pair of scissors across
 the room to a friend. Or swimming with sharks.
Dare Devils Welcome.
A Really, Really good excuse-
Find out why Andy took so long to get to school.
Be stunned as you hear his best excuse.
Why I love ‘Choco-Pops’ in 50 words or less-
Andy’s competition form for a ‘Choco-Pops’ Prize.
See what he likes about the chocolate cereal.
Lemonade Roulette-
Andy and Danny play a game of Russian Roulette
except using lemonade cans.
Who will open the shaken Lemonade can and get soaked?
Fun with a Monster Truck-
Listen to Andy and Danny’s conversation about
what they’d do with a Monster truck.
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