Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!!!!

So much for that saying!!!! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover . . . sigh

This is aimed at you adults out there, no don’t go searching yourself for the little red dot moving across your chest, just read.

When I was in the later years of primary school teachers and adults would smile at you when they saw you, your parents would treat you like a human being.
Then the moment you hit High School it all changes.
Your parents seem to think that your a disturbed creature that no one understands, parents move their kids away as you walk past and some teachers give you the ‘he’s just a stupid kid’ look.

Why? What is it about ‘teen’ years that disturbs all you adults, they think we have gone weird or something? I had my dad thinking I was going to commit suicide for some reason, he kept talking about 5 kids somewhere in the world killed themselves because of cyber bullying. Seriously come on, I HAVEN’T GONE LOOPY!!! I AM A HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
And no, above I wasn’t talking about the Channel Ten ad . . .
(Note: Dad if your reading and you didn’t think that I was going to commit suicide then sorry, but that seriously made me think you were concerned about it.)

Now, I have reasonably long hair for a boy, not past my shoulders, but considered long.
And apparently people with longer hair are the ones that don’t give a stuff about anything, because apparently they don’t care about their appearance and getting it cut and all.
I do care about my appearance, and schoolwork and all. The whole reason I have longer hair is because it makes my appearance look better!!! And I’ve been putting off the hair cutting thing because last time I got a hair cut the hair dresser decided to go into the land of fairy tales and left me walking out of the salon looking like Peter Pan.
So don’t judge people with long hair to be careless and disturbed! I mean women have long hair! . . .Oh hang on . . . forget everything that I just said . . . people with long hair ARE careless . . .
No just kidding . . . (Sorry females who just read that . . . even if it may be true. Kidding)

Don’t judge people with long hair to be careless, don’t judge teenagers to be disturbed and in their own little world.

We are human.

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