You Don’t Know Me

I had someone trying to hook me up,
Makes me feel mad personally, how do they know what people I like?
They said, “You should go out with such and such,” obviously without the ‘such and such’ in their sentence, they used the person’s name.

Why be angry about it? Because they are picking on me being the clever one again. This time in a way that they think obviously isn’t offensive, they haven’t thought to think through their pathetic sentences and join the dots and think of what the end result could be.
They obviously haven’t realised that saying ‘You’re cool’ all the time to make you feel better after picking on you doesn’t work! Well those without any senses whatsoever.

So how does “You should go out with such and such,” offend me once more?
Well that such and such happened to be the other bright spark of the classroom, so again they are taking the fact that I am clever, and that the other person is clever and suddenly believing, oh yes perfect match!
Get your minds out of the gutter, this isn’t a game of snap, the 7’s don’t always have to be matched with their partner, they can be matched with the 9’s and Aces.

Then what gets me even more, is I walk over to monitor the piece of plastic sitting on the heater (We are in MDT making stuff with plastic, sorry if that didn’t makes sense . . .)
And the friend of the girl who had come up to me and had said the stuff before, grabbed my face and said, “You two would be perfect.
I pushed her hands away from my face, which made her say, “Gawd don’t be such a retard.”
“Sorry,” I reply, “But I don’t like strangers grabbing at my face.”
“I’m not a stranger,” she says, “I’m a person in your class.”

Now!! Here is an objection to that!!!
Just because someone is in your class doesn’t mean you know them, to her all I am labeled as is the smart-arse of the class who she gets annoyed about because she obviously can’t get it into her mind that some people try in life. Some people don’t say, I can’t, I won’t. Some people do their very best, not just slack off and say, “Yeah that will do.”

And if she is reading this again, she’ll say retard, spoc all that rubbish,
She’ll read this thinking, can’t believe he did this.
Or maybe she has just realised that other people are not emotionless crash-test dummies that walk around doing nothing!!!
There are other people in your world, so get use to it!

In the end the human race hasn’t achieved anything, right down to it we are no more clever than our monkey relatives. Walking off in groups, ignoring those that they think are less important than they are.

Thankyou for reading, whether you read this in thought or simply come here every now and then to get a laugh out of my ranting.



Oh well, life is such.


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