Microsoft’s Security Essentials

Ever since Microsoft released Windows, the most virus prone operating system out of them all, users everywhere have panicked, worried and screamed in frustration at their virus infested computer.

Could Microsoft’s new free anti-virus software Security Essentials be the angel that Windows needs to haul it from the depths?

Microsoft released this not that long ago, it replaces Windows Defender, which, let’s face it, kind of annoyed most of us with it’s constant warning messages and over-the-top detection.

Microsoft seemed to have fixed all that with Security Essentials, it’s lightweight, efficient and I found, picks up stuff that my paid anti-virus does not.

Many people may be suspicious at first, seeing as their last Microsoft purchase wasn’t exactly all up to par in the ‘computer resources’ department, but I can assure you this works surprisingly well.

Compatible with: Windows

Type: EXE

Download it here:

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