Life Ruined? Oh please.

Okay, I’ve about had it.
I’m sick of everyone being way, way too over-dramatic.
Yes all you people on MySpace are the main target of this post, I
can’t believe you.

Why do you people say that your life is ruined?
Well from what I’ve read it’s because ‘people don’t like you’ or ‘your
boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you’ or ‘you can’t get a
Gawd, you people need help.
Because your worlds revolve around relationships, around ‘Needing to
be popular’ about people ‘needing to like them.’

It’s not the end of the world!
Your life isn’t over just because someone dumps you, cos you think
no one likes you.
Half the time people do like you! But a few people aren’t enough for
you! You need everybody to like you! Life doesn’t work that way buster
so deal with it!

And as for girlfriends and boyfriends! Many of you have had 8 even 12
already! Some people haven’t had any and they are happy as can be.

The main problem here is that many of you have meaningless
relationships, only going out cos you thing you have to, heaps of
people go out for a day or a week and stop. Classic examples of
meaningless relationships.

The relationship has to be genuine for it to be emotionally efficient.
Meaningless relationships lead to being emotionally depressed.

Grow up,

Get a life and stop having to rely on other people for you to be happy!

I think I’m done now,


Microsoft’s Security Essentials

Ever since Microsoft released Windows, the most virus prone operating system out of them all, users everywhere have panicked, worried and screamed in frustration at their virus infested computer.

Could Microsoft’s new free anti-virus software Security Essentials be the angel that Windows needs to haul it from the depths?

Microsoft released this not that long ago, it replaces Windows Defender, which, let’s face it, kind of annoyed most of us with it’s constant warning messages and over-the-top detection.

Microsoft seemed to have fixed all that with Security Essentials, it’s lightweight, efficient and I found, picks up stuff that my paid anti-virus does not.

Many people may be suspicious at first, seeing as their last Microsoft purchase wasn’t exactly all up to par in the ‘computer resources’ department, but I can assure you this works surprisingly well.

Compatible with: Windows

Type: EXE

Download it here:

Punk Software’s Rocket Dock!

I’ve been using this program for years!

Shame on me for not telling you sooner!

One of my most favourite and most used apps ever.

It is a bar that looks like the Mac dock on the bottom of the screen, but better..

You can place it at the top of the screen, like mine, to the left, to the right, or on the bottom.

There are hundreds of awesome themes for it plus! It runs smoothly, I find that when the Windows taskbar vanishes for some reason I can rely on RocketDock.

Perfect software, can’t believe I didn’t think of sticking it on here sooner.

Check out there website:

Best of all, it’s freeware.

Compatible with: Windows

Size: 6.2 Megabytes


Download it here:

You won’t regret it!

Sun Microsystem’s VirtualBox!

I’ve been using this recently, and I love it!
It is simply outstanding.

For those that don’t know about computers much, let me explain.

Every computer runs an operating system, without an operating system it’s just a box of fancy cords, and spinning drives.

One of the most common operating systems is Windows XP, you may very well be using it at this very moment. It’s the one with the button in the corner saying ‘Start.’

Then there is Linux, which there are many, many different versions made by different people. Two examples of some of the most popular Linux systems are Ubuntu and Mandrivia. Plus Linux is FREE! Most Linux systems are OpenSource and free to download.

Then there is the Mac OSX, which is legally only allowed to run on a Mac computer. But I stuck it here as another example of an operating system.


What VirtualBox does is lets you run Multiple operating systems on your computer.

To your right is a picture of my themed Windows XP desktop with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 running on my computer.

Why would you want to do this?

Firstly it makes your computer very compatible, you can run Linux programs, new Windows 7 only programs like the new Movie Maker.

Secondly if you are thinking of upgrading or changing your computer’s operating system you can test it before installing it fully.

For those that have no idea about operating systems, and barely can use what they have, don’t bother with VirtualBox, it’s really only for people that know how to use computers . . .

The best thing is that VirtualBox is for all the operating systems, If you have a Mac you can use it, if you have Windows you can use it and if you have Linux you can use it.

It’s recommended that you have at least 2GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) to use this.

Compatible with: Windows, Linux, Mac

Download it at this website:

SIZE: 70 Megabytes

Here’s a list of the operating systems mentioned in this post:

Windows XP

Windows 7